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What is “Mobile Ordering?”

Mobile Ordering is the relatively new system available at Disney Parks that allows you to order your food before you even get to a Quick Service Restaurant. It is available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to try it out in both parks. Honestly, it’s a true game changer, and I do not know how we ever lived without it! It is basically like using the Starbucks app to order your coffee while on your way, instead of sitting in the drive thru line for an hour. Plain and simple, that’s truly it!

In the days pre-Covid, you could waste a lot of time both waiting in line to order your food, and stalking eating families to you and your family a table. Mobile ordering has limited the amount of people inside the quick service locations, and cut the time you need to wait for your food.

Now, that’s not to say there is absolutely no waiting, because in peak times, you might not find a restaurant that has open times, but you can now order when you get in line for Splash Mountain and by the time you’re done riding, you can go pick up your food! Pretty cool, especially for hangry kids (and adults).

Right but HOW Do I Do It?

Mobile ordering in disney parks person using a smartphone

The first thing you MUST do is download and install the My Disney Experience App. This is the guide that you cannot live without! It manages your

reservation, your dining, photos, and more, like MOBILE ORDERING! This is also what you need in order to make Genie+ selections, but that is another story for another day. The important thing to note: get the app!

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Step One: Choose Your Restaurant and Order Time
mobile ordering at casey's corner

As you can see, I chose Casey’s Corner, and I can arrive between “now – 11:30 PM.” You can choose your window based on the times available, but as it is nighttime, I simply chose what is open and when. So, theoretically, you could order something at Woody’s Lunchbox in Hollywood Studios for lunch at 2:00 PM as early as park opening, and then you will not have to wait!

Below the return time, the app shows you the break down available for that particular menu. In this case, there are specialty beverages, entrees, plant-based, snacks, and beverages. Each person in your party can order what they want, customized to their liking, and, when you’re ready, you hit order.

You will need to have your payment information either connected to your account (usually your credit card on file) or ready to enter. If you are using gift cards, you can enter them here.

Your Return Window Has Arrived

Assuming you have your pop-up notifications enabled for your My Disney Experience app (which you should, so you know what is going on!), you will get a notification that your return window has opened, and you may return to the restaurant. When you are close, select “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.”

Once you arrive at the restaurant, feel free to look for seats. It’s not quite as easy as it was during Covid-times, but since you’re waiting for your order to be ready, take the time to find seats! Again, back in the before times, it wasn’t uncommon to see families split up to stalk the area for tables. If you’re done, you should clean up and leave and maybe be the nice person who gives up their seat to the stalking family!

It Says It’s Ready, Now what?

When your food is ready, the app will tell you which window to pick up your order at, and give you the order number. This is how the cast members verify it is your food. It’s so simple!

What if I Have Food Allergies?

mobile ordering allergy menu

Living with food allergies is challenging enough. Traveling with food allergies can be full of anxiety. As someone with food allergies, I can report that Disney is AMAZING with food allergies.

Many locations, table service and quick service, have their allergy menus listed online and on the app now,

including those restaurants that offer mobile ordering. It is a wonderful addition that makes things easier for people with food allergies.

If you or someone in your party has allergies outside of the top 8 or allergies that are anaphylactic and severe, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS speak to a cast member to make sure your food will be safe. The last thing anyone wants is to have something terrible happen on vacation. In this case, just go directly to the restaurant, don’t even try mobile ordering. Better safe than sorry is ALWAYS my mantra!

Most restaurants and snack shops also have ingredient binders, which is especially helpful because Disney is constantly changing ingredients and vendors. This is especially helpful for those at high risk of cross contamination. Curious about food allergies at Disney Parks?

Have You Tried Mobile Ordering?

So what about you? Have you tried Mobile Ordering yet? Did you like it? Hate it? My personal favorite has to be mobile ordering our breakfast at Jolly Holliday at Disneyland while walking to the park from our hotel!

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