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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that it’s my favorite meal of the day. Sweet, savory, and COFFEE collide to make everything better. One of the most excellent places to have breakfast is the Polynesian Resort. Unfortunately, Ohana is currently still closed, but you can get your noms on at Kona Cafe! Kona Cafe is known for it’s Tonga Toast.

My husband requests it every time he comes to Disney World with us. He says it’s the most amazing breakfast food on earth. For those of you with allergies, it is listed on the allergy menu as safe for fish/shellfish and peanut/tree nut allergies. That means my celiac self has never had it, but I’ve heard rumblings in the allergy community that you can request it directly from a chef, and they will make it for you. Same thing with making gluten-free macadamia nut pancakes. I will try it on my next trip and report back!

For my allergy meal, I had the eggs any style, with ham and potatoes, and I may have said “and can I please get some Mickey waffles, too?” and batted my eyes at them. I will not confirm or deny. I have also ordered the fruit plate, which was absolutely perfect on a hot summer day in Central Florida. I do recommend you attempt to eat a pineapple here. It really fits in with the Hawaiian theming. And pineapple is delicious!!

My daughter had pancakes that she said were delicious but not as good as mine because they didn’t have chocolate chips. She was able to order off of the kids menu even though she is technically older than “kid” by Disney standards. Which brings into question: if there’s nothing I like on the menu can I order off the kid’s menu? The answer is yes, but in certain scenarios, they may charge you an adult price and/or bring you an adult portion. Always ask your server.

Kona Cafe accepts advanced dining reservations, and they are strongly recommended. If you can’t get a reservation right away, keep checking! People cancel reservations and change reservations constantly. If you still can’t find a recommendation, check the My Disney Experience app and see if there is space available to join the walk up list. I promise, you won’t forget it!

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