Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge

So you have always wanted your own, personal R2-D2 in your house. Well now you can, by visiting the Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! This experience is available on both coasts, and reservations are STRONGLY recommended. Reservations can be made 60 days out, as available at the Droid Depot. A separate park ticket AND park reservation to Hollywood Studios are both required. You cannot get in just using a Droid Depot reservation, so plan accordingly. Due to COVID restrictions, space is limited to accommodate physical distancing. Same-day reservations are currently unavailable and walk-ins are not always taken, though in rare occasions, they are possible, I just wouldn’t bank on that.

When you arrive at your reservation time, you will get in line to order the droid style you want and to pay. Droids are $99.99 plus tax, and are not eligible for annual pass or any other form of discount. They are also not returnable, so be very sure this is what you want before you purchase! You will receive a cardboard box to carry your droid around, or you can purchase a cute backpack to store it in and carry it MUCH easier than in the boxes, which will break. You can check in no sooner than 15 minutes before your reservation time. The reservation will be for 2 people: 1 person who will build the droid and 1 person that can watch and take pictures and videos.

You will tell them whether you want a BB Unit or an R2 unit, and they will tell you which pieces you need to pick out for each unit. At that time, you take your basket to the massive conveyor belt of droid parts and pick out all the pieces you need for your unit in whatever colors you want. My daughter chose a BB Unit and, as her favorite color is pink and they didn’t have that, she chose purple. Her name is Gypsy, we love her. You choose all the pieces you want and then wait for one of the cast members to tell you which work station you will be building at. They are numbered stations and there are numbers on the floor that correspond to the work stations. Super easy for anyone to find, so no worries there!

Now this is where the fun begins. Each workstation has instructions for each unit, and they are also picture guides, so all you have to do is take your time and go step by step. There is help available if anyone needs it, but they truly made this experience incredibly simple so that all Younglings could easily follow along and build their droids. Once your droid is all put together, it is time to bring it to life. I’m telling you, they pull out all the stops here. In true Disney Imagineer fashion, they did not skimp on the details. I would say it’s worth the $100 price tag just to make it. Seriously. It is so cool!

Once you have brought your droid to life, you are given the remote control to test it out. Then it’s all yours to take and enjoy. You are not allowed to use the remote control while in the theme parks, and you are required to carry it, but bear in mind, it uses bluetooth technology and will interact with other droids and at various spots around both Galaxy’s Edge and the rest of the theme parks. Honestly, I forgot ALL ABOUT this fact, and so, when Gypsy started rolling around and beeping in her box, I almost had a heart attack. It is such an incredible experience!! Oh, and you never know who you might roll into at the Droid Depot! Get your reservation today!!

Photos are all pre-COVID and do not represent current safety protocols. Masks are still required on property unless actively eating or drinking.

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