MuppetVision 3D Turns 30!!

MuppetVision 3D opened at Hollywood Studios on May 16, 1991, which means it’s time for a celebration!! THIRTY YEARS OF MUPPETS AT DISNEYWORLD!!!!

Jim Henson exhibit, COSI, Columbus, Ohio

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights! My family absolutely LOVES all things Muppets! We named our kittens Gonzo and Scooter, after all. My daughter dressed up like Janice for Halloween one year. We’ve seen every episode of the Muppet Show on multiple occasions. We LOVE them. So, naturally, whenever we are in Hollywood Studios, we stop in to see MuppetVision 3D!

MuppetVision 3D is actually the very last project Jim Henson directed. For that reason alone I hope they never change it. Maybe a slight update, but don’t completely replace it!

The queue is meant to be the lobby of Muppet Labs and is full of all kinds of gags. Be on the lookout for the key under the mat! The holding area is a storage area for Muppet props. Here you will find A Net Full of Jell-O (Annette Funicello), flat plywood fruit (2D Fruities), Miss Piggy’s costumes, and more. Take the time in the air condition to wander around and look at everything that is there!

The pre-show was shot at Jim Henson’s carriage house and features appearances by Scooter, Fozzie, Gonzo, Sam Eagle, Miss Piggy, Rizzo and more. It is the perfect way to pass the time until it’s time to move into the theater. It is full of classic Muppet gags and puns and an appearance by Mickey Mouse? At the end of the preshow, you will be ushered into a replica of The Muppet Theater from The Muppet Show, complete with Statler and Waldorf in the balcony. They also wear their 3D glasses. As you watch the show, there will be Muppet puns, bad Fozzie jokes, 3D classics, and an appearance by a Muppet or two (depending on how you think about it)!

Jim Henson exhibit, COSI, Columbus, Ohio

Happy 30 years, MuppetVision! And here’s to AT LEAST 30 more! Have you visited MuppetVision 3D?

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