Day: May 20, 2021

Disney-Type Things I Overheard In The Bathroom: Version May 20, 2021

Disney news is breaking faster than hearts these days! Let’s have a quick recap, shall we? Let’s start with what, quite frankly, is the most terrifying news I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s right! After YEARS of rumors, it is confirmed. THE SANDERSON SISTERS WILL BE BACK! Bette Midler took to twitter, as she

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Longue Vie a la France! Let’s Visit the France Pavilion

Let’s take a stroll around the streets of Paris, shall we? France is an easy pavilion to miss because the highlights are all tucked back behind the restaurants you see out front. Of course, come October, everyone will be quite familiar with the entire pavilion, as there is sure to be a mad dash back

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Pandemics and Other Disasters: Why You Will Want a Travel Agent

Using a Travel Agent is a hot button issue. Some people don’t want to think about anything other than arriving at their destination and relaxing, so their first inclination is to always use a travel agent. Some people want to control every aspect of their vacation, and they think using a Travel Agent means they

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