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Pandemics and Other Disasters: Why You Will Want Travel Agents Helping You With Your Vacation Planning

Using a Travel Agent is a hot button issue. Some people don’t want to think about anything other than arriving at their destination and relaxing, so their first inclination is to always use a travel agent. Some people want to control every aspect of their vacation, and they think using Travel Agents means they have no control. These are the people I’m specifically speaking to right now. Let’s talk about WHY you should ALWAYS use Travel Agents!

Travel Agents Are Already Built Into the Price of Your Vacation

My services are 100% FREE to you. Naturally, I cannot speak for other agencies, but I can tell you unequivocally that I will never charge you a cent over what your vacation costs. All of the companies that I deal with pay me directly when you travel. Why? Because the cost of using Travel Agents is built into the price of your vacation, whether you use one or not. So, why WOULDN’T you use a travel agent? You get what you pay for, right?! So there will never be a worry about how you’re going to pay me. You only need to pay for your vacation. Period.

If There is An Emergency, Travel Agents Can Handle All the Details for Cancelling and/or Rescheduling Your Trip

Sometimes, Pooh happens. And when it does, who doesn’t love a smackerel of honey? But unfortunately, poo also happens. And when it does, I am here to take care of everything for you, so you will have one less worry. When emergencies happen, the last thing you want to do is sit on hold trying to figure out something that, depending on the situation, may truly be the least of your worries, even if thousands of dollars are involved. I will sit on hold so you don’t have to.

Travel Agents are Up-To-Date on Current Travel Requirements and Restrictions

It is literally my job to keep up with not only travel restrictions via the US, but also the world. I wouldn’t want to plan a whole vacation, only to find out that the country I’m planning to visit is not currently open to me! That’s why you need a travel agent! I am always reading what is happening in Disney Parks and all Disney Destinations, Universal Studios, Cruising, International Travel, and more. For example, I recently had a client inquire about a Mediterranean Cruise, but they were concerned about whether or not Italy would let them into the country. I happen to know that Italy IS letting Americans into the country, and what the requirements are. They didn’t have to look anything up, because I already knew!

If You Use a Travel Agent, You Deal with The Same Person EVERY TIME

Speaking of calling someone, if you need to contact Disney or Universal or Royal Caribbean or Beaches/Sandals, etc, during the entire pre-vacation phase of the vacation planning, you will talk to several different people. If you go with a Travel Agent, you get me each and every time. This not only gives you a better sense of security, but it also lessens the chance that Bob gave you a piece of information that Janice now says is wholly inaccurate.

Travel Agents Have to Train Every Year, So Travel Agents Have all the Latest Information about Your Destination

I can help you make the tough decisions. Not only should you choose Pop Century or Caribbean Beach for your family, but also really important decisions like “do I really need travel insurance?” or “should I pay for this cruise in full even though it won’t happen?” I am here for you, and I will help you every step of the way.

As a Travel Agent, Your Family’s Needs are My NUMBER ONE Priority

I will get to know your needs and help you plan everything that your family SPECIFICALLY will want, not just a bland vacation full of basic stuff that you may not want. You’re more than just a commission to me! I LOVE to plan vacations for people, and I love to help people discover new destinations! And for Doubters, nothing makes me happier than the “I told you so!” after someone completely falls in love with their vacation!

Travel Agents have an Enormous Catalog of Personal Experiences

I have been to Disney several times and stayed at different resorts, eaten at tons of restaurants, and I’ve ridden every ride. I can give you advice and opinions! Again, something you won’t have to Google! Just ask me! I have also visited many other locations (believe it or not) and cruise ships. And if I don’t know, I know someone who does, and I will get your that information!

Not Only am I A Travel Agent, I’m a Travel Agent with Knowledge of Special Needs, Disabilities, AND Food Allergies!

I have experience traveling with an amazing autistic human with sensory processing disorder and severe anxiety. It IS possible to have amazing vacations, and I have the information to help set your mind at ease! I also have experience dining in the parks with food allergies. I know how Mamas and Papas can panic and worry about their small humans that have these extra challenges and I am here to help guide you through it.

Travel Agents Are Like Walking Guidebooks

I can help you save time by giving you little tips and tricks to get on that ride you REALLY want to ride (get in line for it before the park closes and stay there til you ride it!!). I have navigated through tons of scenarios and I can help you get to everything you will have time for. Not sure if you should get off the ship in Nassau or just enjoy an empty ship for the day? I can help! Trying to choose between Jamaica or Barbados? Want to know the best time of year to visit Alaska?

Travel Agents Can Find the Deals

I can help you save money. Yes, it’s true! I PROMISE! You can start booking your Disney packages 499 days out, but that doesn’t always mean discounts will be available. I will continue to monitor your reservation, and if a discount pops up that will save you money, I will go ahead and just apply it to your trip, and BAM! Money saved! It really is that simple! I have a few other tips and tricks up my sleeves to help you save money.

The same goes for other destinations, too! If you book a Royal Caribbean Cruise and the price goes down before you embark, I will get you the best price. You never have to worry about spending too much, because a GOOD Travel Agent will track prices and discounts!

So here is just TEN ways using an agent is the way to go. Want to book a trip? Contact me today and I will help you make your Vacation Dreams come true!!!!

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