Disney Photopass

What to Know About Disney Photopass, Memory Maker, and Magic Shots

I’m going to tell you why you MUST consider adding Memory Maker to your vacation package! Memory Maker is a photo package available at Walt Disney World and, to a certain extent, Disnelyland. In simple terms, it is pre-ordering all of your Disney Photopass pictures. But first, let’s talk about what all these words mean, and the pros and cons!

Disney Photopass
Meeting Darth Vader at Disney’s Star Wars Launch Bay

Defining Photopass

Quite simply, Disney Photopass is simply the Disney Lingo for “photography.” It is the term used for not only the photographers with fancy cameras that you will find all over the park, but the ride photos, special photos, etc. PhotoPass itself is “free,” in that outside of private photography sessions, you don’t have to pay for the photographers to take your picture. But you DO have to pay for the photo itself. After you take your photo, the photographer will scan your magicband, plastic ticket, or magicmobile on your phone. You will then be able to open your MyDisneyExperience app and see the pictures. Simple as that. Now here is where things get confusing for guests.

You will not simply be able to look at your photos and download them for free. Disney is actually smarter than that. Unless you purchase Memory Maker or the photo itself, all of your photos, including ride photos, will have a watermark over them. You can purchase only the photos that you want to keep, but they can run about $15-$17 PER PHOTO. So if you like to have a lot of photos of your whole family, where one person isn’t constantly missing because they’re taking the photos, you may want to just go ahead and purchase Memory Maker.

Explaining Memory Maker

Memory Maker is a single purchase you make to get access to all of your photos for your entire trip. I mean ALL your photos. Ride photos, magic shots, special photo experiences, photos at iconic park locations, private photo session photos…ALL OF THEM. You will have access to them for 45 days from the date they are taken, and you can link up to 25 family members and you can all share the same Memory Maker. Everyone does not have to buy their own.

Disney Photopass
Memory Maker at Walt Disney World

Breaking it down, if for some reason, you are only able to go for one day, you can purchase a one day Memory Maker for $69. Now for the big one. Memory Maker is $199 UNLESS you purchase it at least 3 days in advance of your trip. Then you will only pay $169. But that isn’t saying much. Still seems like a lot of money, right? So then, breaking it down even FURTHER, on a trip I have had as many as 700 photos (we do not skip photographers!), and that makes it $.24 per photo. Here is just an example of some of the photos you can receive from your Memory Maker purchase.

Along with photos, there are ANIMATED photos and ride VIDEOS available, too!

Hollywood Tower of Terror
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Should You Get Memory Maker Then?

So is the Memory Maker worth the purchase? ABSOLUTELY. I have received the most amazing photos of my daughter’s reactions to characters, photos of myself that AREN’T selfies, great ride photos (we constantly discuss what we are going to do on rides), and so many other irreplaceable photos. So yes, it is worth every single penny.

So what, then, is “Capture Your Moment?”

Disney now lets you book your OWN PRIVATE PHOTOPASS PHOTO SESSION. For $79, you get a 20-minute one-on-one photo session in a special location (location is chosen when you meet with your photographer). And with Memory Maker, you get all those photos included. This is a GREAT option for proposals, graduation announcements, senior pictures, pregnancy announcements, and more! These sessions are now available to book as part of Enchanting Extras at all 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks!

Would you like to add Memory Maker to your package? Contact me today! Need to book your vacation? Get your Free Vacation Consultation or fill out this form to get your Free Vacation Quote!

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