Hollywood Studios Presents Places to Dine

You may be picking up on a theme here, but I really like food. Today, let’s take a look at Hollywood Studios and all the food it has to offer.

Mama Melrose

We’ll start at Mama Melrose, which, in my whole family’s opinion, is the best dining available at Hollywood Studios. No disrespect to the Brown Derby, but Mama’s has something for everyone. Pizza, pasta, chicken tenders, adult beverages, ice cream, you name it.

Located near the exit to MuppetVision 3D and the Christmas Shoppe, Mama Melrose is a table service restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

Cons: the lobby area is quite small, so it gets quite crowded. Also, even with a reservation, it gets pretty busy, so you may still end up waiting a long time for your table.

Pros: the food is fantastic. Sure, it’s not anything special, it’s just really good Italian food. We like to double up on appetizers, which saves a boatload of money. Personal favorites include Caesar salad, flatbread pizzas, and tiramisu. BONUS: if and when Fantasmic returns, keep an eye out for the Fantasmic Dining Package. You get a full meal plus center stage seating for Fantasmic without having to wait in the standby line for hours.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater

Sci-Fi offers possibly the most unique dining experience in all of Walt Disney World. You can dine in “cars,” as if you’re at a drive-in movie theater. The front of the room features a really big movie screen that plays commercials and old science fiction movie clips. The food is not the draw here, though it is pretty good classic American food, but you have to try some of the drinks! You can also get vegan and vegetarian entrees here.

Cons: It is dark so it’s kind of hard to see the menu. And the cars-seating can make it pretty hard to talk to the people not sitting on the bench with you.

Pros: It’s a really fun experience and the food is great. Kids will love the cars and the movie while eating on great kid staples like chicken tenders and burgers. Bonus: great milkshakes.

Hollywood Brown Derby

Head back to 1920s Hollywood for this classic replica. Enjoy the sights and sounds, including caricatures of celebrities hanging on the wall.

Cons: CHA-CHING. This place is not cheap.

Pros: There is something for every type of eater, from hot dogs to filet to the famous Cobb Salad. Personal recommendation: get The Brown Derby Signature Burger.

Woody’s Lunchbox

Use mobile ordering and head back to Toy Story Land to eat at Woody’s Lunchbox.

Cons: Not a ton of seating and the wait times can be long, even with mobile ordering.

Pros: TOTCHOS!!! Tots+chili+fritos=awesome-ness. Plus the price is fantastic. The location is great, too, right in front of Alien Swirling Saucers, next to the bathrooms and the pathway to Batuu.

Ronto Roasters

Speaking of Batuu, head to Ronto Roasters and enjoy a nice Ronto Wrap. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this is a fun, unique, totally Star Wars themed dining location, accepting mobile ordering.

Cons: Not a lot of options, so may not be good for super picky eaters.

Pros: vegan and vegetarian options available plus a unique setting Star Wars lovers are going to fall in love with.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Hollywood and Vine – table service, character dining
  2. 50s Prime Time Cafe – table service, themed dining, great milkshakes
  3. Docking Bay 7 – quick service, mobile ordering, Galaxy’s Edge
  4. Hollywood Scoops – quick service, ice cream delicious-ness
  5. Rosie’s All-American Cafe – quick service, American staples

Where is your favorite place to eat in Hollywood Studios? Did it make the list? Ready to book your family’s vacation? Contact me today!!!

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