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For those of you that think Disney is just for kids, did you know there are BAR CRAWLS? Definitely not for kids at all! So are you planning an adult trip? Maybe a Girls Trip or a Guys Trip or a Date Trip? Or you’re just a poor, childless, millennial? This post is for you! Here are some of the best Bar Crawls that Walt Disney World has to offer!!

Monorail Blue


By far the most popular bar crawl is the Monorail Bar Crawl. It is just as it sounds: you take the monorail to the monorail resorts and stop at the bars in each resort. This became so popular it once became a hard ticket event! There is no set start/end for this one, and it’s slightly more complicated right now because the Polynesian monorail station is closed for refurbishment, but with a little creativity, it can be done. My suggestion is to start at the Contemporary, at the Outer Rim!! (Normally, I would say start at the Wave Lounge, but it will be closing for refurbishment) Let’s go, shall we?

Photo via Disney

Starting at the Outer Rim (aka the comfy waiting place for early morning Chef Mickey’s reservations), you’ll have a great view of the Magic Kingdom, and fast access to the Monorail. They serve wine, beer, mocktails, and cocktails, including Watermelon Margarita, Antioxidant Lemonade, Pina Colava, and MORE. This is also a good place to start right after having dinner at one of the restaurants the Contemporary has to offer! (Safety first. You don’t want to be THAT guest!). Now you can hop back on the monorail for your next stop! Normally, stop number two would be the Polynesian, but, as I said, that monorail stop is closed, so let’s head over to the Grand Floridian for a stop at Enchanted Rose!!

The Enchanted Rose is themed after, you guessed it, Beauty and the Beast. Unlike Outer Rim, this lounge offers some food options, so this is also a good place to fuel up while you imbibe. Food is served 5-10, but I wouldn’t count on this for dinner, just a snack, including truffle fries and crab mac and cheese. Enchanted Rose offers beer and wine and A LOT of cocktails. Have yourself a Seasonal Old Fashioned: Widow Jane 10yr Straight Bourbon Whiskey, House-made Seasonal Syrup, and Bitters. Yes. Please. You can also get one of several different martinis, a personal favorite of mine. Now it’s time to walk (if you’ve paired your imbibing with snacking, this should be no problem!) over to Poly! Let’s HEAD to Tambu Lounge!!! (Unless Trader Sam’s is open, then we’re going there!!)

Enchanted Rose
Tambu Lounge

Located on the second floor of the Polynesian, next to Ohana, the Tambu Lounge is a nice, relaxing spot to grab a drink or, depending on the time, a snack. They serve food (wings, sushi, spare ribs) from 2-8 Sunday-Thursday and 4-9 Friday and Saturday. They serve mocktails, beer, wine, sparkling wine, and cocktails, but literally, the only thing I’m getting here is Lapu Lapu. And once I get my big ‘ol pineapple, I’m gonna head to the beach to watch Happily Ever After! And then I’m gonna watch the Electric Water Pageant. And this is precisely why you should end your Monorail Bar Crawl at the Polynesian!


Bay Lake is a lake you have seen several times but you think it’s still part of Seven Seas Lagoon. Bay Lake is actually the waterway that is behind the Contemporary, butting up to the Campgrounds and Wilderness Lodge. So this crawl is either a stand-alone, or you can add this to your Monorail Bar Crawl. As a stand-alone, start at Contemporary, again at the Outer Rim. (See above!) After you finish up there, head to the boat dock back on Bay Lake, just beyond the pool, and take the boat back to Wilderness Lodge. Let’s go to Territory Lounge!!!!

Territory Lounge

Going into my FAVORITE resort, the Wilderness Lodge, you will find the peace and serenity of the Pacific Northwest. Head over to the Territory Lounge to relax and grab a drink. The lounge does offer small plates (granny smith apple pie a la mode!) and mocktails, in addition to beer, wine, bourbon, and a massive selection of cocktails! Might I suggest the Blood Orange Margarita?

If you would like to stop in your bar crawl and have a meal, might I suggest heading out toward the pool and stopping at Geyser Point Bar and Grill? In addition to beer, wine, and cocktails, this Quick Service location is PERFECT to eat a delicious meal and soak up some of that alcohol, especially if you are pairing the Bay Lake Bar Crawl with the Monorail Bar Crawl!

Now, let’s hop back on the boat and head over to the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds!

Geyser Point Bar and Grill
Crockett’s Tavern

Once you get off the boat, head towards the food! You will find Trail’s End, P & J’s, and the Hoop Dee Doo (PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!) right where the rustic Crockett’s Tavern is located. Have the nachos!! Then wash those nachos, or maybe the chicken wings, down with a Moonshine Margarita!!

And there you have the Bay Lake Bar Crawl. Personally, for a fun and full day tour of the Magic Kingdom area, I would suggest a late lunch at Trail’s End, then grab a drink at Crockett’s before heading to the Wilderness Lodge and the Territory Lounge. After that drink, head over to the Contemporary for a drink at the Outer Rim. Hop on the monorail and head over to the Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian. Finally, walk to the Polynesian for dinner at ‘Ohana or Kona Cafe, finishing up with a drink at Tambu Lounge and fireworks from the beach. It is a perfectly relaxing adult day!!


Bar Riva – Riviera
Banana Cabana – Caribbean Beach
Drop Off Pool Bar – Art of Animation
Petals – Pop Century

The Skyliner Bar Crawl is meh, if you ask me. I’d rather just ride the Skyliner and enjoy the view. But should you choose to do the Skyliner Crawl, here are some tips for you!

STRATEGY 1: start at EPCOT (may the odds be ever in your favor) and head to the Riviera, then Caribbean Beach, followed by Art of Animation and Pop, then you can either end there or head to Hollywood Studios. Should you end up at Hollywood Studios (have mercy on your poor liver), you can head to the great lounges there, like the Hollywood Derby Lounge, Tune-In Lounge, Oga’s Cantina, and Baseline Tap House.

STRATEGY 2: Start at Hollywood Studios, skip AoA and Pop, head to Banana Cabana, then Bar Riva, finishing up drinking around the world. DO NOT SKIP FOOD AND WATER, no matter which strategy you take!!


Don’t skip the Boardwalk! It’s scenic, peaceful, beautiful, and full of grown up fun! Start at Abracadabar and have a fabulous time! LOOK AROUND at Abracadabar and find all the Society of Explorers and Adventurers secrets. Read more about S.E.A. here!


Serving snacks from 5-9, Abracadabar is full of secrets and illusion and magic! Serving wine, champagne, beer, you’ll want to try one of the specially themed cocktails here! Just take my word for it. Take some extended time to walk around and take in the decor. It will be well worth your time!!

Karaoke fan? Kimonos is for you! Serving Asian beers, sake, cognacs, scotch, and specialty cocktails, this place is known for its environment and Karaoke fun as much as its drinks.

After you sing your song, pop over to the Dolphin and visit Todd English’s Bluezoo Lounge, and have a burger or nachos or any number of snacks! Again, beer, wine, and cocktails!

Kimonos Lounge – Swan
Ale & Compass Lounge – Yacht Club

Food, beer, wine, and specialty cocktails in this nautically themed lounge at the Yacht Club. A quiet space, too!

The food is more New England-themed and offers non-alcoholic beverages, so this can also serve as an alternative lunch site for families, too.

Now we head to the Beach Club and Martha’s Vineyard for appetizers, mocktails, and specialty cocktails, beer, and wine. Again, a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Martha’s Vineyard – Beach Club Resort
Boardwalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas

Now we’re back on the Boardwalk, stopping at Boardwalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas for, naturally, MARGARITAS!

Take a stroll around Crescent Lake while you cool off with a tasty treat from Joe.

Need help planning your vacation? Contact me today!!

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