BATTER UP! Return to Casey’s Corner!

Casey’s Corner has been on Main St USA since day one of operations at Walt Disney World, but back in 1971, it was called the “Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner” (yes, just like Disneyland). It was refurbished in 1995, and reopened as Casey’s Corner, themed after the famous poem “Casey At The Bat.” If you’re a baseball fan, this is the place for you. If you’re a hot dog fan, this is the place for you!

Casey’s is a Quick Service restaurant located right at the end of Main St USA, where the Hub starts to spoke off into the lands. This makes it the perfect location for wherever you want to go next! Every land is within reach! Casey’s is available via Mobile Ordering, too, so order while you’re in line for the Tea Cups, then grab your food after you take a spin! (Yes, I have literally done this!!)

HOT DOGS! GET YOUR HOT DOGS HERE! So if you think you’re going to get anything OTHER than a hot dog here, I’m not sure what to tell you! Hot dogs are the star here, with the BIGGEST star being the all-beef foot-long.

Vegans and Vegetarians alike can enjoy delicious plant-based offerings, and celiacs can get gluten-free buns when ordering with a chef or manager. They can accommodate other food allergies as well, but definitely speak with a chef or a manager and order in person!

Personally, I enjoy dining on chili cheese fries! My daughter loves the corn dog nuggets! My husband loves the entire place.

There is some indoor seating, but it is incredibly difficult to get these seats, especially during the busiest dining times. I highly suggest eating incredibly early (like 10:45-11:00) or between 3-4 if you want to sit inside. You can also sit outside and have a fantastic view of Cinderella Castle. This is a great place to sit and have a hot dog while watching fireworks but, again, it is incredibly difficult to secure these seats. HAPPY HUNTING!

The inside of the space is full of baseball memorabilia, photos of baseball heroes, both real and imagined, team pennants, and more. If you’re a baseball fan and actually catch the space relatively empty, take a look around. It really is themed to the max. The poem “Casey at the Bat” was published in 1888, and if you look at the C on the outside of the building, you’ll see the homage to that date there. The Cast Members are dressed in vintage “baseball uniforms,” too, just keeping up with that wonderful theming that Disney does SO well.

There is also a piano player outside that you simply must pay attention to because he is wonderful. This is a yummy, quick, and fairly affordable place to grab a bite to eat.

Have you ever dined at Casey’s Corner?!

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