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All the BEST Restaurants to Visit for Your Date Night Dinner at Walt Disney World!

So you’re at Disney World, either with your kids or without your kids or you don’t have kids, whatever the situation, it’s just you and your special someone. And you want to have a date night. It’s not a lost cause, because Disney is NOT just for kids! There are plenty of great options for date night dinners!

However, what do you do with your kids? Now, for parents traveling with extended family, like grandparents or aunts and uncles, you may not think twice about going out for a dinner just yourselves. But not everyone has that option. FEAR NOT! Try Kids Nite Out!

But back to why you’re here, THE FOOD! Here are some of the best restaurants for date night at Walt Disney World!

High-End, Fine and Signature Dining

date night dinners at disney

Believe it or not, there are restaurants at Walt Disney World that are so fancy they actually have dress codes and age limits. So we’ll start there!

The California Grill – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Date Night Dinners - Watch Disney's Enchantment from the California Grill

Located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary, and accessed via private elevator, this is by far the most popular of date night dinners. It’s probably the view of the Magic Kingdom and the fireworks. While not personally my cup of tea, I can absolutely understand the appeal.

The cuisine is California-themed and they also feature over 300 wines, most from California, for guests 21 and over. This is a hard-to-get reservation, so be prepared. You MIGHT not get one! But don’t give up! People cancel reservations all the time. Also, there is a dress code. Learn more about Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Victoria & Albert’s – The Grand Floridian
Date Night Dinners - Victoria & Albert's New Menu

Photo: Disney

Coming back with a brand new look and delicious new menu, Victoria & Albert’s, at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, is the fanciest of fancy locations for your date night dinner.

It is incredibly expensive (like $295 per person expensive), hard to get into (and there is a $100 cancellation fee if you cancel within 5 days of your reservation), and it has a formal/semi-formal dress code. Despite ALL of this, it is completely popular. Advanced Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance, and you’re going to need them!

Narcoosee’s – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
disney grand floridian

Located on the “coast” of the Grand Floridian, this surf-and-turf specialty restaurant offers spectacular views of Disney’s Enchantment, but with a romantic seaside setting. Featuring not only fresh seafood from local sources and around the world, but also land fare, like filet mignon.

This is another hard-to-get reservation and another location with a dress code.

Signature Dining for Regular People

If you’re looking for a date night dinner that won’t break the bank or require you to pack a ballgown, there are plenty of amazing options available to you!

The Boathouse – Disney Springs
Date Night Dinners - The BOATHOUSE

A night at Disney Springs deserves a stop at the Boathouse. The great food and drinks are tough to beat. This is an incredibly popular restaurant so reservations are a must! I make absolutely no secret that this is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. Absolutely love it.

Additionally, being in Disney Springs adds to the Date Night milieu! Want to cap the date night with an unforgettable event? Take a ride in an Amphicar or take flight in the Aerophile!

Le Cellier – EPCOT, World Showcase

Located in the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT, this is for SURE one of my personal favorites, if only for the maple creme brulee. Le Cellier specializes in regional Canadian cuisine, including steaks, fresh seafood, cheesy poutine, and Canadian beer. Oh, and delicious creme brulee. Did I mention the creme brulee?

It should come as no surprise when I say, reservations are incredibly hard to get. But it is totally worth it. Can’t get a reservation? Guess what? It’s time for Food & Wine, so get the filet at the Canada booth!

Sanaa – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
date night dinners

Sanaa is located at Animal Kingdom Lodge and offers African and Indian cooking with a view of the animals on the Savannah. People FLOCK here (get it?) just for the bread service. Enjoy the animals grazing the savannah prior to your reservation time, as an added bonus to your date night dinner!

Sanaa is great for all diets, but it is also a favorite stop for vegans and vegetarians. It is a family-friendly restaurant but there is a personal, romantic feeling to the dining area, especially at night.

Chefs De France – EPCOT, World Showcase
chefs de france date night

Time to head back to World Showcase to dine in the France Pavilion at Chefs De France. Dine on seasonal French Cuisine and sip on the Imported French Wines and Champagne! Don’t forget to finish off with the creme brulee or the tarte au chocolat! With the Eiffel Tower, it’s quite the romantic date night dinner setting!

The Hollywood Brown Derby – Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood brown derby

If your date night includes a trip to Batuu, make sure to first dine at the Hollywood Brown Derby. Inspired by the original Brown Derby, you will dine on California cuisine! Try the famous Cobb Salad, named after the original owner of the Brown Derby, Bob Cobb, or the absolutely AMAZING burger, and finish up with the grapefruit sponge cake!

Tiffins – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
tiffins at disney's animal kingdom

Does your date night involve visiting Pandora? Tiffins is the place for you! Inspired by Africa and Asia, this dining location offers a delicious stop with great food and great views. Tiffins is another location known for it’s bread service, but if you can’t get into the restaurant for your date night dinner, try Nomad Lounge, located right next door, instead!

La Hacienda de San Angel – EPCOT, World Showcase
watch Disney's Harmonious

Want to cap a night at EPCOT with a front-row seat for the all-new Harmonious? Try to get a reservation about an hour and a half before the scheduled fireworks show at La Hacienda and ask to sit at the windows! Located in the Mexico Pavilion on the waterfront, this delicious Mexican restaurant is PERFECT for your date night dinners!

What is your favorite Date Night Dinner at Disney? Did yours make my list? Let me know! When you’re ready to book your next Walt Disney World Vacation, I’m ready to help! Contact me today to talk about your upcoming vacation!

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