VIP Tours – A Rundown

Why VIP Tours are Worth Every Penny

One of the most annoying parts surrounding the online outcry over the new Disney Genie+ is the fact that you can already pay to ride all the rides with no wait. That’s right, you sure can. Disney VIP Tours allow you (and your group of up to 10, including infants) to jump right to the front of the line (well, kind of. You go through the “Lightning Lane” queue so you’re in line there, but not stand-by). What’s the catch? Well, they run anywhere from $450-$700 an hour and require you to book a minimum of 7 hours. I know, don’t choke on your lunch or spit out your coffee. You read that right. So it’s not cheap. But is it worth it? Let’s find out….

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If you do it right, a VIP Tour Guide can actually SAVE you money.

So hear me out. Yes, a tour could end up costing you $7,000 (assuming you book 10 hours at $700/hour), but the plus side is if you book all the BIG rides with your Tour Guide, plus popular shows, characters (when available), and restaurants, you can actually see all of Walt Disney World or Disneyland in 1 or 2 days, so you could, essentially, cut your trip in half or shorter. So the money you spend on the tour could replace days. This is especially good if you can only travel for a long weekend, but you want to maximize your time. So you pay the cost of taking a ten-day trip, while only having the real-time of a long weekend. Trust me, it all works out!

Skip the line

Florida is hot. Standing in lines that barely move in the Florida heat is excruciating. So, if you could, would you skip the waiting? I would! Not only that, you get more bang for your buck! Without the time wasted standing in line, you obviously can ride way more. This is truly beneficial if you have a short trip and want to catch ALL the big rides, like Rise of the Resistance, Slinky Dog Dash, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Flight of Passage.

Front Door Service

The VIP Tour Guide will take you backstage and right to the front door of the ride you want to ride. Of course, this eliminates the magic of entering the Magic Kingdom through the train station, BUT you can work that into your tour with your guide! Just tell them you want that entry experience and they’ll make it happen! So not only can you see all four parks in one day and book a ton of great rides, you won’t have to walk 27 miles to do it!

You won’t have to plan a THING

Do you HATE researching and planning your vacation? With VIP Tours, you can just tell your guide what rides, shows, characters (when available), and restaurants you want and your guide will work it all into your tour. Now obviously, time will be a factor, so if you only book 7 hours but tell your guide you want every ride, you might not get everything in, but the goal is to give you the best experience possible, personalized to your group.

Taking a Group Vacation? You can all share the expense!

This way, everybody wins! The trick will be getting everyone to agree on what to do. But the nice part of that is you can hand the decision-making over to the guide and tell the kids you need to follow the schedule they developed — taking you off the hot seat.

Rock Star Vibes with some Disney secrets sprinkled in

You will receive the VIP treatment and all the perks that come along with it! And your guide will be full of Disney trivia, secrets, and more! Relax and enjoy your day. You paid a pretty penny for it!

VIP Tours

But there has to be a downside, right?

Real talk, VIP Tours are expensive, so it does create a disadvantage and a little bit of “us vs them.” It also teaches that anything is possible if you can afford it. Also, once you skip all the lines and walking and heat and no planning, you may never enjoy yourself as a “regular person” at Disney ever again. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Want the VIP Treatment without Paying Extra?

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