EPCOT Renovations and Upcoming Attractions

So EPCOT is in the process of going through a MASSIVE transformation. Future World is currently a giant construction zone. Personally, I have been in a love/hate relationship with EPCOT for a while now, as all of my favorites from the OG EPCOT are either gone (RIP Horizons) or ghosts of their former selves (I miss you, DreamFinder), but I am SO excited for the new EPCOT headed our way!!

EPCOT Experience

So first things first, you will no longer know EPCOT as “Future World” and “World Showcase.” Imagineers are now creating 4 distinct “Neighborhoods:”

  • World Showcase
  • World Discovery
  • World Celebration
  • World Nature
Photo: Disney

EPCOT World Showcase

World Showcase, a unique land featuring 11 countries from all over the world, will continue to be a celebration of cuisine, architecture, traditions, and culture, but it will be infused with new magic. Harmonious, which we have now been waiting forever to see, will officially open on October 1, 2021, as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Walt Disney World. Celebrating how Disney music inspires people worldwide, Harmonious will take place on the water of World Showcase Lagoon and include large-scale floats, LED panels, fountains, lights, fireworks and lasers.

Photo: Disney

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and La Crêperie De Paris, Opening October 1, 2021

Also opening October 1, the long-awaited Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Le Creperie. Remy is currently open for previews for AP, DVC, and Cast Members, but will officially open October 1, using a virtual queue system exactly like Rise of the Resistance.

In addition to the new ride, the new France neighborhood will have a delicious new dining spot: La Crêperie De Paris. This spot will have delicious, gluten-friendly crepes, and will feature both a sit-down restaurant (opening as walk-up only) and a walk-up quick service window. I. Cannot. WAIT! I’ll be there in 2 and a half weeks, and the France Pavilion is going to be seeing a lot of me!

Another project that is officially in limbo is a new film for the China Pavilion. Entitled “Wondrous China,” you will pass through the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest to view this Circle-Vision 360° film. Warm and appealing, it’s a brilliant introduction to the people and natural beauty of China, although depoliticized.

Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney

Also in the limbo category, DuckTales World Showcase Adventure, the latest version of the popular scavenger hunt through World Showcase, designed to keep kids interested in the boring, educational side of EPCOT (where we adults love to eat and imbibe and that is the real reason we love EPCOT as much as we do). It is officially listed as “TBD,” but with DuckTales being canceled on Disney+ and Disney being so quiet about it, I would not be surprised if it doesn’t happen or if we see it happen, but with some other form of Disney IP. Stay tuned, I guess!!


The first new thing in World Celebration is the new entrance area. The announcement that they would be revamping the boring, concrete entrance back to its original, green, beautiful entrance was a welcomed relief. All that concrete made my beautiful Bae, Spaceship Earth, look old and outdated, considering it was the crown jewel of “Future” World. And it is a BEAUT, y’all. It is so gorgeous, and the new music is absolutely amazing.

The talk of “Dreamers Point,” complete with a statue of Walt Disney as the “original dreamer,” is apparently still on, as Zach Riddley, Disney Imagineer, confirmed via his Instagram, but Disney has not said much about this. The Spaceship Earth Refurbishment is on again/off again, and the 3-story “Festival Center” appears to have been shelved, though nothing official from Disney either way. Basically, everything they announced for the refurbishment is up in the air following the COVID Closure.

World Nature

Disney describes this new neighborhood as “dedicated to understanding and preserving the beauty, awe, and balance of the natural world.”

This section includes The Land pavilion (which houses Living with the Land, Soarin’, and the new Awesome Planet movie) and The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion. For the most part, the new enhancements here appear to remain on track.

Photo: Disney

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana will let guests interact with water in “inspiring and magical ways,” according to Disney.

World Discovery

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

This attraction will feature the world’s largest indoor roller coaster AND the first to feature a REVERSE launch! The construction was obviously delayed, but appears to be back on track. I am SO pumped for this one! We are HUGE Marvel fans!!

Play! Pavilions

Billed as “unlike anything you’ve ever seen” at Epcot, the former Wonders of Life pavilion will be transformed into what Disney is calling a “play pavilion” that will be devoted to immersive fun.

Featuring an “innovative city,” this pavilion will host “interactive experiences, Disney characters, hands-on-activities, and engaging entertainment.”

Photo: Disney

Included here will be the chance to help out the legendary fashion icon Edna Mode as well as the chance to make a splash by competing in a water balloon fight with Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby.

There are a lot of other projects that have either just disappeared with no further mentioned, or been canceled via rumors, but we simply don’t know for sure. However, what remains in the EPCOT Experience still seems amazing. I, for one, am very excited to see the brand new Creations Shop that just opened last week, and Space 220, and all the new merchandise, and I cannot wait for the day when the construction walls all come down. What are you most excited for in the new EPCOT?

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