The Latest News about Disney Wish Construction

Video via Disney

Disney has provided updates from Germany about the Disney Wish! The time-lapsed video above shows the progress made on the construction, and I know that I cannot WAIT until our cruise in August!

The funnels were installed in July. The red funnels are unique to Disney Cruise Ships and provides immediate identification for these ships! On the Wish, the aft funnel houses the main engine’s exhaust pipes. The forward funnel holds the Wish Tower Suite, a 2,000 square foot penthouse providing unique and amazing ocean views! The final block was mounted on the ship in August, and the Wish Construction is complete!

Photo: Disney

The staterooms on the Wish are now being fine-tuned for guests to set sail! Disney Imagineers spent a lot of time researching colors, shapes, and designs to come up with the perfect stateroom for guests! There are 1,254 staterooms going onto the Wish, and they look amazing!

Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney

This ship looks amazing, and I can’t wait to sail! Contact me today to book your cruise on the Disney Wish!

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