The Best Attractions for a Nap at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a vacation hot spot, but, at upwards of 20,000 steps per day, it can be EXHAUSTING! Why not catch a quick little catnap while you’re in the park? Here is a list of some of the best nap spots in Walt Disney World!

Obviously, your resort hotel room is the most preferable spot, and most comfortable, but there are several locations around the theme parks that offer a nice respite during your day. Let’s start at the Magic Kingdom!

My number one napping spot? The Hall of Presidents! It is 100% my go-to nap spot! The cushy seats and the air conditioning, plus the dimmed lighting and lengthy show, leave me feeling ready for more adventures. I don’t know that I have ever seen this show in it’s entirety, and that’s ok!

Next, spot, if it’s not 3,000 degrees with 672% humidity, head into the little alcove next to the Hall of Presidents, and take a seat in the rocking chairs! People-watch, doze off, and rest your feet! If it’s too hot, and you’ve already napped in the Hall, why not take in the Country Bear Jamboree? Definitely not as comfortable, but definitely air conditioned.

Continuing on in the Magic Kingdom, head to Fantasyland for a bunch of great naps! it’s a small world provides TONS of time for you to catch 40 winks, as does Philharmagic. If you prefer to sleep under the sea in an enchanted clamshell, might I suggest Journey of the Little Mermaid? Now to Tomorrowland, for two of the best naps you’ll ever get. There’s a great big, beautiful nap waiting for you in the Carousel of Progress, but beware: there’s no privacy at all! And lastly, hop on the PeopleMover and take a relaxing snooze around Tomorrowland!

Now we head over to Animal Kingdom, to catch a superb nap on the Nav’i River Journey. If that’s not up to your standards, there’s always a nice nap for anyone who wishes to ride the Wildlife Express Train. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nap on the train?

An usual choice, sure, but if you keep your feet out of harm’s way, you can certainly grab an acceptable nap at It’s Tough to Be a Bug. And for a supremely satisfying naptime experience, head to the Nomad Lounge and relax on the waterfront, after enjoying a satisfying snack and libations!

There are very few opportunities for sound napping at Hollywood Studios, but there are certainly plenty of places for rest and respite other than attractions! The best options here include One Man’s Dream. The film at the end is the perfect nap spot. And, as it has not changed one time since it’s inception, close your eyes behind your 3-D glasses and snooze through the Muppets at MuppetVision3D. They won’t notice.

And finally, we sleep on the boat and/or Skyliner as we travel from Hollywood Studios to EPCOT, where we have a PLETHORA of napping locales! In World Showcase, the American Adventure is the BEST nap spot. Few people, long film, comfy chairs, and air conditioning! I dare say this is the best nap spot in all of Walt Disney World! For a relaxing nap outdoors, find yourself a nice bench in the UK Gardens. Many don’t even know this spot exists! And not to be forgotten, Impressions de France is also a great spot for le snooze.

Spaceship Earth is a fabulous nap that comes with a spinal adjustment when traveling backwards! With any luck, you’ll get stopped once or twice, making your nap that much longer! Then you can stop in and catch the Pixar Film Festival…..nap. Which brings us to a perfectly proper nap, especially if you manage to grab a bench away from the crowd. That’s right, I’m talking about SeaBase. The aquarium provides a lot of quiet nooks and crannies to catch a nice snooze in or wait out a rainstorm.

So where is your favorite nap spot? Did yours make my list?! Ready to book your vacation? Contact me today!

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