15 Problems You WILL Have at Walt Disney World (Unless you’re Prepared!)

No one wants to think that their perfect vacation they spent a lot of time and money planning will have problems, but stuff happens sometimes. Here are 15 common things that will ruin your Disney World vacation unless you PLAN FOR THEM!!!

1. Forgetting that florida is hot

Florida is super hot. Yes, it can and does get cold occasionally, but, for the most part, Florida is incredibly hot. Many people will fall prey to dehydration, sunburn, and chafing. The best advice is to pack a water bottle in your park bag. You can fill it up in the morning, either from bottled water you have in your room or the water at the Quick Service location in your hotel, and then get free water all throughout the parks, either at Quick Service restaurants, water bottle refill stations, or asking for water at your table service meals. Florida water is an acquired taste, so you may want to pack some flavoring, too!

As for sunburn, SO many people skip it for the theme parks. I cannot stress how bad this is! Not only is Florida the Sunshine State and incredibly hot, but you are spending a majority of your time standing on hot, black pavement that is reflecting that sun right back up to your skin. It’s getting you from above AND below! Apply sunscreen before you leave and pack some into your park bag so that you can reapply. Nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars to spend days 2-5 in your hotel because your skin got torched on day 1! Same thing goes for chafing! Gold Bond powder and Bodyglide can be your friend! Especially for ladies blessed without a thigh gap. Also good to pack shorts to wear under skirts, both for big kid ladies and small kid ladies. Skirts are hella cute but without shorts underneath, the thighs are EXPOSED! Don’t make this mistake! You can also purchase foot glide, and keep blisters at bay!

2. disney rash

Disney Rash, or Exercise-Induced Vasculitis, is something that happens to people when they walk, run, stand, etc in extremely hot temperatures. Though it is called a “rash,” it is actually inflamed blood vessels that resemble a rash. You can avoid or lessen the chances of getting Disney Rash by elevating your feet every chance you get, staying hydrated, taking NSAIDS/anti-inflammatory medications, and using compression socks.

3. your phone dies

You’ve spent the day taking pictures, and making Lightning Lane reservations, and pulling up your dining reservations for mobile check-in, and mobile ordering at quick service. Now it’s time for the fireworks but OH NO! Your battery is dead! Make sure you have a good, reliable portable phone charger packed in your bag! There are not many reliable places around the parks to plug your phone in for a charge, so make sure you have one with you!

4. your feet hurt

You’re going to walk. A LOT! Your flip flops might be cute, but are they going to still be cute after 25,000 steps and rain? Probably not. Invest in a couple pairs of shoes and sandals, and rotate them. If you are wearing shoes and socks, pack extra socks in your park bag. If it rains, and your socks get wet, you are going to not only be miserable, but you’re

going to get blisters. If you are staying at a Deluxe Resort, take advantage of the hot tubs. Or pack some epsom salts to soak your feet in your bathtub each night. Take care of your feet and you will have a much more pleasurable experience.

5. rain

It is going to rain. Just count on it. First, you can keep an eye on the weather. The hourly forecast is fairly reliable, and in most cases, it will just pass. Then there are times that tropical storms roll through right in the middle of your Halloween party and you give up and book it to the bus stop. Either way, it’s best to be prepared. While you can surely purchase the expensive ponchos in the park with Mickey Mouse, I find it much more enjoyable to buy cheap ones on Amazon (I got a pack of 40 for $20) and then I just throw them away when it stops raining. I don’t want to carry around a wet sheet of plastic all day. I also pack a small, foldable umbrella, and, occasionally, a rain jacket. As I’ve already mentioned, I also pack dry socks and multiple pairs of shoes!

6. the cost of food

Disney food is DELICIOUS and AMAZING and SO NOT CHEAP. Is it overpriced? Yeah, maybe some of it is, but that does not mean you can’t be prepared. Spend the time researching the restaurants you plan to dine at, and start saving! Also, did you know you can pay for all your meals using Disney Giftcards? AND do you know there are many, many ways to get discounts on giftcards or rewards (like cheaper gas) for PURCHASING giftcards? Make a plan and stick to it and you will be just fine! And if you were planning on purchasing a dining plan but they still haven’t returned, why not take the money you were planning to spend on the plan and buy a giftcard?

7. Time

Everyone thinks they have planned everything DOWN TO THE MINUTE absolutely perfectly. But you MUST prepare for the unexpected. The monorail might be down or seriously delayed. You might get stuck on the Skyliner. The line for the bus might go on for days. Do not get your hopes up that your plan will go perfectly, adjust your expectations, and take a deep breath!

8. never pass a bathroom

No, seriously. First of all, you need to remember whether or not you’re properly hydrated. Secondly, you do NOT want to get into a long line and then you have to go!

9. wardrobe malfunction

That may be a super cute top, but do you want to risk it ripping and falling off? Again, while it is fun to dress up and look cute, remember that you will be at a theme park. You don’t want something tearing or a heel breaking or something falling off because of the wind on a ride.

10. over or under packing your park bag

Nothing is worse than lugging too much crap on your back when it’s 9,000 degrees outside. On the flipside, you don’t want to be caught in a tropical storm without a poncho. It is important to have a practice run packing and carrying your bag. And, sorry kids, when you’re big enough to carry your own crap, you should!

11. underestimating crowds

While there are crowd calendars and down seasons and all of that, sometimes people don’t even think that it might be crowded. Expect the unexpected. You might walk into the Magic Kingdom and see a line at Pinocchio Village Haus that goes all the way back to the Beast’s castle. You just never know. Disney will be crowded. It’s best to go with that!

12. not making advanced dining reservations

Yes, you might get lucky, and walk into a reservation day of, but it’s best to plan ahead. Thankfully, it’s no longer 180 days. Now, you need only make reservations 60 days in advance. Take a look at menus and prices and make a list. Reservations open 60 days out at 5:45am eastern online. OR….get a good travel agent (me) who will do it for you!!

13. Trying to cheat height requirements

The restrictions are there for a reason, and that reason is safety. Do not try to stuff your kid’s shoes for that extra inch, just wait until your next trip and he or she can ride at that time. And don’t yell at the cast members, they are just doing their jobs.

14. unrealistic expectations

The internet is FULL of people saying they received something for free, or were sprinkled with pixie dust, or this is HOW you get something for free. And yes, occasionally things do happen, but you should not PLAN for that. And do not think that your kids will see Mickey Mouse and automatically run to him for hugs (when that is a thing again). Some children are terrified of the characters and do not warm up to them until they are MUCH older. Be patient and temper your expectations. And don’t force kids to make YOUR memory, let them make their own!

15. not taking breaks/over/under planning

Simply put, you will not be able to do EVERYTHING at Disney in one trip. I don’t care how much you plan out your days, it’s not going to happen. But you will see most of it if you plan things out that you really want to do. But the biggest mistake that people make is not taking breaks. Everyone needs a break from the heat and all the walking. If you are paying thousands to stay at a resort, why not enjoy the amenities? All Walt Disney World Resorts have amazing pools, game rooms, restaurants, and more. Try to plan at least one off day, and try to take breaks mid-day, or plan a morning to sleep in and spend time at the pool before heading out to the parks. You’re on vacation, so RELAX!!

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