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Animal Kingdom has a ton of animals to look at enjoy, but what if you could PET one? Well, Up Close with Rhinos is the tour for you! This tour, which currently takes place once a day at Animal Kingdom, will literally give you the opportunity to pet a real, live white rhino! So what the heck am I talking about?

What is Up Close with Rhinos?

Animal Kingdom Up Close with Rhinos Check-in

If you’ve ever walked through Harambe on your way to Kilimanjaro Safari, you may have noticed the “Curiosity Animal Tours” booth. No, it’s not just a clever placement by Disney Imagineers, there are actually animal tours that you can book in Animal Kingdom! One such tour is Up Close with Rhinos! This tour is one hour long (roughly), and takes you backstage to the animal care area, where you will meet 2 keepers that work with the white rhinos.

How much are we talking?

Animal Kingdom Tours list including Up Close with Rhinos

The opportunity to not only get close to an exotic animal, but to also TOUCH one, sounds expensive, right? Well don’t dismay, this tour will only cost you $45 per person for one hour. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Again, what you get is a one hour tour backstage, where you will meet 2 rhino caregivers, who will teach you about the lives of white rhinos. It will culminate in the up close (hence the name) petting of a white rhino! Absolutely amazing!

What you Need to Know about Up Close with Rhinos

Rhino on Kilimanjaro Safari
Rhino found in Kilimanjaro Safari

This tour is outside, and runs rain or shine (unless there is lightning, then it may be delayed or altered), so dress appropriately. You will be going into areas with animals, so while your Birkenstocks may be adorable, you’ll probably want to wear a sturdy, close-toed shoe for this experience. Since you’re going backstage, you won’t be able to take pictures, so don’t think you’ll be getting a lot of content for your TikTok. You should plan to check in 15 minutes in advance at the Curiosity Animal Tours kiosk, and they WILL leave without you, so you will be out all the money paid if you are late. Plan accordingly.

Who is this for?

All participants must be at least 4 years old, so you won’t be able to take little ones younger than this. Other than that, this tour is for anyone that can walk it! Wheelchairs may be used for this tour, but ECVs must be left in the designated area. You must be able to walk on your own or with the aid of someone pushing you in a wheelchair. Call (407) 938-1373 to confirm all accommodation requests!

Unique Animal Experience: Up Close with Rhinos

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