Quick Service in Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom isn’t where you go just for the food. Its magic lies elsewhere. But you have to eat, right? So what should you do when you need a quick bite after Big Thunder Mountain? These are the best quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom for when you’re just too hangry to go on!

Best quick service in magic Kingdom
Quick Service Pinocchio

If you ask me, the BEST quick service restaurant is Pinocchio Village Haus, located right next to it’s a small world in Fantasyland. Serving American classics, like pizza, chicken tenders, and salads, this place is a diamond in the rough. The highlight is getting a window seat overlooking it’s a small world. If you score one of these coveted tables, make sure to wave at all the boats as the embark on the Happiest Cruise on Earth!

This is my overall number 1 favorite quick service in Magic Kingdom, because it has something for everyone, INCLUDING those with food allergies. The pizzas are GREAT for my celiac tastes. The crust is perfectly crispy, not cardboard-like, which is super hard to come by. Usually, a gluten free pizza crust is burnt and too hard for any human being to actually chew. The allergy-friendly chicken tenders are AMAZING. AND the portion sizes are big enough for people to share. My mom and I split a pizza, chicken tenders, and fries. It was the perfect amount of food for two!

best quick service seating and atmosphere

If you hate stalking people as they eat to get their table, Cosmic Ray’s is the place for you! They have TONS of seating, inside AND outside, and I have never had an issue finding a place to sit down. And if you’re looking for a place that your kids will actually eat the food AND be entertained? You’re going to want to sit by Sonny Eclipse! And finally, the food is REALLY good! Like…surprisingly good. And it’s a pleasant surprise! In fact, eating here last summer for the first time in ages, it quickly snuck up my list to be a close second to Pinocchio!

The menu is, again, American classics, like burgers, chicken strips, chili, hot dogs, and a very nice-sized allergy menu. This restaurant even offers a plant-based burger.

Quick Service Cosmic Ray's Sonny Eclipse
Sonny Eclipse
Best quick service restaurant that won’t go away

I say this in jest, as Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe has gone through many, many changes over the years. It used to be burgers with an all-you-can-eat toppings bar, which, don’t get me wrong, was completely awesome, but in 2015, Pecos Bill went through a change from burgers to burritos! Seeing as how this restaurant is located in Frontierland, representing the American Old West, this seems like the absolute perfect place to have a Mexican restaurant (aside from, you know, Mexico).

In its current iteration, you can get everything from fajitas, to nachos, to rice bowls, to salads, and even burgers. The worst part about this location is finding a seat, but the current protocols, which I, personally, hope they continue forever, will only let you into the restaurant if you have an order. This makes seating a little easier to find. And, like I said, I hope it lasts forever! Again, this place has something for everybody, including plant-based options, kid-friendly foods like burgers and mac & cheese, and a robust allergy-friendly menu.

Best Quick Service with Secret Seating

There’s not REALLY secret seating, people just tend to not go up there. I don’t know, I don’t make the rules. Anyway, this Liberty Square staple is New England-themed, with seafood, chicken, and sandwiches. Sit upstairs. Maybe even take a lil nap. You’ve earned it.

best quick service that finally got mobile ordering

DO NOT FRET, gluten-eaters! I have not forgotten you! While I, personally, cannot eat here, I recognize this place is the absolute best. Just LOOK at that waffle! I make it myself at home, and it is truly delicious! And now that they have mobile ordering, it’s a game changer. That means the lines are much shorter and you won’t suffer waiting for this delicious waffle for breakfast! Unfortunately, food allergy friends should avoid this place, but for everyone else, MOBILE ORDER IMMEDIATELY!!!

Did you favorite make the list? If not, what is YOUR go-to quick service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom?

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