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As I searched for breakfast reservations for our trip back in 2021, I panicked when I realized a bunch of our favorite breakfast spots were not open. As I did some research, I discovered Ale & Compass at the Yacht Club, and am I glad that I did! This place is fantastic, and we all enjoyed our food and the atmosphere. Check out my review for Ale & Compass Restaurant!

Ale & Compass – Location, Atmosphere, and Theming

Ale & Compass Restaurant - Yacht Club

Ale & Compass is located on the first floor of the Yacht Club, just off the lobby. The setting is coastal and meant to feel like dining in an Eastern Seaboard Lighthouse. Above all else, it certainly is incredibly laid back, quiet, and relaxing. The food is described as New England “comfort food” and classic seafood dishes.

Bonus points in the location category, because the Yacht Club is located in the BEST location on property. Since the Beach Club, the Yacht Club, the Boardwalk Inn, and even Swan and Dolphin, are all walkable, these hotels really do feel like one big resort. As a result, you can easily walk to each one and enjoy all the restaurants each has to offer. In fact, the entire reason we ended up with reservations here was that we were staying at the Boardwalk and spending the day at Epcot, which meant we could easily just walk the entire day. Second bonus points: the cost. This was our least expensive meal and involved the most amount of people (7) over 10 days.

The Food

Alright, so we got down to the brass tacks, let’s get into what really matters: THE FOOD. We have only been here for breakfast, so I’m going to focus on just that meal.

Ale & Compass Restaurant offers a breakfast buffet. For $23, you get a buffet of seasonal fruit, assorted yogurt parfaits, assorted breakfast pastries, house-made granola, cheddar biscuits and country gravy, and warm cinnamon rolls. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the buffet, the $23 also includes a choice of a main entree! That right there is the absolute BEST value in all of Walt Disney World! Coffee, tea, juice, or soft drink is also included.

Ale & Compass Restaurant – the Entrees
Ale & Compass
Crab Cake Benedict
Ale & Compass Salted Caramel Apple French Toast
Salted Caramel Apple French Toast
Dark Chocolate Waffle
Dark Chocolate Waffle
Breakfast Protein Bowl
Breakfast Protein Bowl

The entrees are FANTASTIC. I’ll just say that. With a menu consisting of 10 main entrees, including vegetarian and plant-based options, and great variety, there is something for every type of eater. There was not a crumb left on any of our plates, either!

Ale & COmpass – Food Allergies
gluten free American Breakfast

Since , I have celiac, I have to order from the allergy menu. And because of this, I usually speak to a chef. If I have dined somewhere before, so that I feel totally comfortable, I just order. But this was my first visit to Ale & Compass, so I met with the chef.

Following our talk, I opted for the American breakfast, a simple eggs and bacon, with a side of fruit. And, to my immense delight and surprise, I WAS OFFERED GLUTEN FREE TOAST!! And since my daughter only eats plain waffles, I ate my toast with all the goodies meant for her dark chocolate waffles! This was light and fantastic, and helped make this one of my new favorites!

So, to recap….location? Great. Atmosphere? Great. Food? FANTASTIC. Value? THE BEST. You’ve got to add this to your list! Have you dined here? Let me know!

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