Tahiti: Island Paradise

5 Things to Do in Tahiti: Island Paradise

If there was ever a place that embodies the beautiful duality of the French Polynesian archipelago, it’s Tahiti. The largest of the French Polynesia’s 118 Islands, Tahiti is often referred to as two separate islands, even though they are joined by a tiny land bridge. The larger, northern section is called Tahiti Nui, and it contains the capital city, Papeete. The smaller section is more secluded, called Tahiti Iti. Tahiti is an island paradise in the South Pacific, and is breathtakingly beautiful. Quiet beauty coupled with seclusion makes it the perfect place to visit when you need to destress, unwind, and unplug.

5 Places to See in Tahiti

Tahiti: Island Paradise - La Plage de Maui
1. La Plage de maui

This pearly, white sand beach, located on Tahiti’s Southern Shore, is known for its crystal clear waters and it’s white sand beach. A lot of beaches in the island paradise of Tahiti have volcanic black sand. This beach stands out!

The water is said to be perfectly clear, so you can easily see the bottom of the ocean! It’s truly an island paradise here! The snack bar here serves fresh fish and seafood, and is exceptionally popular with visitors and tourists!

2. fautaua waterfall
Tahiti: Island Paradise - Fautaua Waterfall

This gorgeous, natural wonder cascades into a large pool. It is quite a challenging hike to the falls, which is said to be part of the adventure, so it is highly suggested you take a tour with a large group. The falls can be difficult to find, so better safe than sorry!

3. papenoo beach
Papenoo Beach
Papeenoo Beach

This small village is located east of Papeete and offers a reminder of the island’s volcanic history. This beach is less crowded with tourists than La Plage de Maui, but it is known to attract the Island’s surfing community. It’s black sand beach reaches down into the crystal clear blue waters of the south pacific. It is close enough to Papeete that you can go into the city before or after, but, if you take a taxi, you’ll want to arrange pickup times in advance!

Capital City of Papeete
4. papeete, capital of tahiti and all of french Polynesia

Shopping, dining, nightlife, and sightseeing, OH MY! You’ll want to shop for black pearls and unique island crafts here.

Also worth a visit, head to the Municipal Market. This Market is full of fresh veggies, fruits, meat, fish, flowers, and goods like hats and souvenirs. Chinese, French, and Italian cuisine are the most popular at the local restaurants.

6. The island of moorea
Tahiti: Island Paradise - Moorea

Tahiti’s sister island of Moorea is much more rugged. The island features a jagged outcropping, called Magic Mountain, that is covered with lush, tropical foliage. This is popular for ATV tours and hiking tours. There are also various beaches, including Temal Beach on the north coast.

The Lagoonarium offers scuba diving and snorkeling. The Moorea Dolphin Center offers the chance to see many marine mammals.

When to Visit

Tahiti: Island Paradise

The best time to visit this island paradise is winter, between May and October. This is Tahiti’s Dry Season, which means lower humidity and less rain. The average temperatures range from the upper-60s to the mid-80s.

How to Visit

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