August at Walt Disney World

August at Walt Disney World

Let’s Look at August at Walt Disney World and Why it is the Best Time to Visit

The number one question I get as a travel agent is “when is the best time to visit?” It’s a loaded question, to be sure. People do have in their minds what they WANT to be the answer, and it very rarely syncs up with what the actual answer is. Technically, there really is no “down” season anymore. Especially post-COVID, it seems it’s busier than ever now! But I’m going to tell you why August at Walt Disney World is the BEST time to visit!

1. Lower Crowd Levels

In general, the summer months are ACTUALLY the “slow season.” It seems unbelievable, because kids and school and whatnot, but no, May-September are the slowest months at Walt Disney World. BUT….August is THE slowest month of the year! This is usually when we visit every year for our “long” trips, and it’s honestly amazing. Florida usually goes back to school the first week of August. It’s hotter than the surface of the sun

(we’ll get to that), so I’m sure that is also a contributing factor. If you’re lucky enough to have younger kids, or kids who start school later (our schools start at the end of August WOOHOO!), you’ll want to consider August at Walt Disney World.

2. Special events

August at Walt Disney World - Food & Wine
EPCOT Food & Wine

Walt Disney World has a ton of special events, from EPCOT Festivals, to Holiday celebrations, to After Hours Parties. The last 3-4 years, August at Walt Disney World has seen the Food & Wine Festival AND Halloween parties have taken place in August. These options make your Disney vacation that much more magical, and provides more opportunities to have something special to remember.

August at Walt Disney World - Boo Bash

Fall at Walt Disney World is an amazing time to visit, and since the “fall” starts in the theme parks in August, why not experience all that there is to experience?! No one does holidays and Festivals like Disney!

3. Prices are Lower (READ: It’s Cheaper)

Price Comparison: August vs December
Price Comparison: August vs December

The prices are so much lower. The photo above should show you EXACTLY what I mean! 5 Nights at The Contemporary in a Theme Park View Room in August is almost $2,000 cheaper than the same room for 5-Nights in December. So like I said, August is cheaper! POINT OF CLARIFICATION: this is an estimate based on 2022 rates, and is subject to availability. Prices may vary.

4. Lower Crowds = Longer Trips with More Relaxation

When you have school-aged children, your vacation options become school vacations (crowded), long holiday weekends (crowded), or take your kids out of school. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to go in August, you could plan a longer trip, which means you can plan more downtime and have lower crowds to get more done. Last year, on a Saturday morning in August, we had ridden Pirates, Big Thunder, Splash, and Seven Dwarfs at Magic Kingdom before 11:00am! ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!! This cannot be more of a no-brainer!

5. The Weather

“But you said it was hotter than the surface of the sun!” Yes, August is hot. BRUTALLY hot. You will sweat a ton. It is going to rain every single day. Personally, I’ve never been to Disney World when it wasn’t disgustingly hot. I know it happens, but it never happens when I’m there. And all of summer is going to be hot. And rainy. But, I’ve vacationed several times in June and July where it rained through my entire vacation. It is MUCH rainier in June and July. In August, you will likely get the daily afternoon thunderstorm. The lower crowds give you the chance to either go back to the resort and nap, or brave the rain and take advantage of the even SHORTER lines when everyone else leaves!

So when is the best time to visit Walt Disney World? I am Team August all the way! Are you ready to book your next vacation?! Contact me today!!

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