Disneyland Paris

Celebrating 30 Years of Disneyland Paris!

Walt Disney World is not the only Disney Park celebrating an anniversary this year! Disneyland Paris opened on March 6, 1992, and will be embarking on a 30th Anniversary Celebration that can’t be missed! Take a deep dive into the magic of this beautiful European theme park, from hotels to meal plans to parks and attractions!

6 Uniquely Themed Disney Hotels

Disneyland Paris has 6 on-site hotels (there are actually 7, but the Disneyland Hotel is undergoing a massive refurbishment!), that each offer a different level of Disney Magic. There are also numerous hotels off-site that are close to the parks, but you would lose the added benefits that come with booking the Disney hotels. And what are those benefits? That’s a great question, and I’d love to answer it! You receive Extra Magic Time in the Parks, Access to Both Parks (walking and free shuttles), Close Proximity to the Parks, Free Parking.

Disneyland Paris - Hotel New York
Disney’s hotel new york – the art of marvel

This newest Disneyland Paris Hotel is for all those Marvel Fans. This place looks absolutely incredible, with great amenities and so much Marvel, it’s an experience in and of itself!

Disneyland Paris - Art of Marvel

Hotel New York is a short 10 minute walk to the parks or a free, 8 minute shuttle ride.

Disneyland Paris - Newport Bay Club
disney’s newport Bay club

Check out this hotel with it’s Nautical Nod to Mickey’s Maritime Adventures. This hotel is a 15 minute walk to the parks or a free, 8 minute shuttle ride.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge
Disney’s sequoia lodge

This peaceful Lodge setting reminds me of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, at Walt Disney World.

Disneyland Paris - Hotel Sequoia

This beautiful Grand Lodge has touches of Bambi magic. It is a short 15 minute walk to the parks or a free, 8 minute shuttle ride.

Disney’s hotel cheyenne
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne
Hotel Cheyenne

This Wild West-Themed Hotel lets you relax with with Woody and Jessie! Embrace your inner toy and your Wild West fantasies in one lively setting in Paris! That’s a really weird sentence, but, surprisingly, it all works! This hotel is a 20 minute walk to the parks or, again, a free, 8 minute shuttle ride.

disney’s hotel santa fe
Hotel Santa Fe
Hotel Santa Fe
Disneyland Paris - Hotel Santa Fe
Cars-Themed Rooms

KA-CHOW! This Pixar’s Cars-Themed Hotel will have you racing to enjoy it! The Paris hotels are all tastefully themed, with many properties that are quite popular, and the Hotel Santa Fe does not disappoint! This hotel, too, is a 20 minute walk to the parks and a free, 8 minute shuttle ride.

Disney’s davy crockett ranch – reopening april 1, 2022

These self-catering cabins in the heart of the forest are for the adventurous traveler looking for a new form of relaxation. They are a 15 minute walk to the parks, with no shuttles.

Two Theme Parks

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland Paris has two theme parks for you to enjoy. At Disneyland Park, you will find all the things Disney you would expect in a flagship park: Sleeping Beauty Castle, Big Thunder Mountain, Fantasyland, etc. Walt Disney Studios Park offers the Worlds of Pixar and, coming Summer 2022, Avengers Campus!

Meal Plans!!

Unlike the American Disney Parks, Disneyland Paris is still offering their popular meal plans! There are 3 options, which I’ll get into shortly, and the perks are fairly obvious!

  1. CULINARY ADVENTURE. Savor a variety of delicious cuisines in a Disney-themed setting for the ultimate Disney Dining Experience.
  2. CHOICE AND FLEXIBILITY. Opt for 1, 2, or 3 meals per day, or add extra treats. There are options for all tastes and budgets!
  3. A WELL-MANAGED BUDGET. With a pre-paid meal plan, you’ll know what’s included and how much you’ll spend ahead of time.
three basic meal plan options
  1. Breakfast: Start your day with breakfast at your hotel, including drinks!
  2. Half-Board: Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, then choose either lunch or dinner at the (included) restaurant of your choice!
  3. Full Board: Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, then enjoy lunch AND dinner, for a total of 3 meals per day!

And that’s just the beginning! Are you interested in visiting Disneyland Paris? Contact me today to discuss packages!!

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