Mint Julep Bar – Disneyland

Head to the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square to Enjoy Mint Juleps & Mickey Beignets!

mint julep bar new orleans square disneyland

If you’re anything like me, you want to know where to go to get the most unique food offerings a place has to offer. Well, if you’re heading to Disneyland, you will want to head to the very back of New Orleans Square. That’s where you will find the Mint Julep Bar.

As there is no alcohol in Disneyland Park, this is not actually a “bar,” but this food kiosk is the only place you can find the refreshing mint juleps & Mickey beignets!

What is a “Mint Julep?”

mint julep bar new orleans square disneyland

You’re probably wondering what the heck is a mint julep, you crazy person? Well, it is described as “a refreshing mint drink with a hint of lime flavor” on the Disneyland Website. Basically, club soda with mint and lime. It is the perfect refresher for a hot day. I warn you, though, it is a controversial drink. It seems to me that you either love it or you hate it. For me? I love it!

But What the Heck is a “Mickey Beignet?”

mickey beignets disneyland

A beignet is a fried dough doughnut coated in powdered sugar. A MICKEY beignet is a beignet shaped like Mickey Mouse! Everything tastes better when it’s Mickey shaped!

Unique Offerings and Seasonal Must-Haves

As is tradition, Disney offers seasonal flavors of both the mint juleps and the Mickey beignets. Currently, guests who visit the Mint Julep Bar can order a Passion Fruit Mint Julep and Sugar Cookie Mickey Beignets! Other flavors include pumpkin and gingerbread beignets and watermelon mint juleps.

Tell Me More Tell Me More!

Beignets are available in 3-packs and 6-packs, and you can also order an assorted 6-pack, that will come with regular and seasonal beignets. As for the beverages, you can order the seasonal or traditional mint julep, either in a plastic cup or a take-home stainless steel tumbler. Coffee, tea, Coca-Cola products, hot chocolate, and bottled water are also available. And, in the case of having someone who can’t or won’t eat beignets, you can also order Cuties! And this location offers mobile ordering!

mint julep new orleans square

So tell me, do you love Mint Juleps & Mickey Beignets?! Go here for more information about Disneyland Resort and to talk about planning YOUR vacation!

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