Encanto Garden in EPCOT

Fans are Not Going to Want to Miss this Encanto Garden in EPCOT for the International Flower and Garden Festival!!

Now at EPCOT, as part of the International Flower and Garden Festival! You can now wander through a wonderful garden inspired by the Marvelous Madrigal Family. This Encanto Garden in EPCOT will only be available through May 22, 2022, so contact me today to make sure you don’t miss it!


Encanto Garden in EPCOT

Admittedly, EPCOT is pretty big, so you’re probably asking yourself “WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IT?” right about now. Well, this amazingly beautiful garden is located near La Isla Fresca Outdoor Kitchen between the Morocco and France pavilions in World Showcase.

This new “Encanto”-inspired garden will allow you to explore a lush tropical jardín. It was inspired by movie’s strong female characters, Julieta, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. There is also a path inspired by the youngest Madrigal, Antonio.

Encanto Garden in EPCOT
Photo: Disney

La Isla Fresca

La Isla Fresca features three arepas dishes: arepas topped with melted queso fresco; arepa topped with shrimp, crushed avocado ají and tomato sauce; and an arepa topped with chorizo. Don’t forget the Coconut Tres Leches for dessert!! And if you’re thirsty or need something to wash it all down, check out the drinks menus! First, for a non-alcoholic treat, try the Tropical Breeze. This drink has lemonade, grapefruit juice, and simple syrup! Then, for some alcoholic delight, order this with Don Q Limon Rum! Next, the Florida Orange Groves Winery’s Tropical Perception White Sangria may be what you’re after. Lastly, Beer drinkers will want to try the Coconut Key Lime Ale.

Encanto Garden in EPCOT
Photo: Disney

Other Gardens at EPCOT

While visiting EPCOT, Guests can discover two more incredible garden destinations at Mexico pavilion in World Showcase. “Extraordinary Orchids” offers a breathtakingly beautiful area filled with orquídeas, while the “Tropical Rainforest Garden” lets you discover the rich biodiversity of the Mexican rainforest and its adaptive species.

More Encanto at Walt Disney World

Encanto Wall Animal Kingdom

Venture to Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here, you will have the chance to experience the artwork and wildlife of Colombia, which is where the Familia Madrigal live. Here, you can snap a photo at the mural designed by Colombian artist, Catalina Estrada. Then, make a stop at the cotton-top tamarins, an endangered primate species native to Colombia. You can also learn how you can help protect this species.

Additionally, guests can enjoy an Encanto activity packet featuring fun activities for the whole family. It moves beyond coloring to include small projects. Inside you will find you can create a view finder as well as a family tree!

Available through the end of March, you can receive this Magic Shot with MY favorite member of the Madrigals, Luisa! She’s the strong one. She’s not nervous. But this only runs through the end of March, unless enough people contact Disney so they feel pressure to extend it (hint hint).

Encanto-Inspired Treats at All-Star Movies and Art of Animation for Women’s History Month

Photo: WDWNT

First, we have the Luisa Cake Pop. This is layers of vanilla cake and tres leches pastry cream topped with a doughnut hole “boulder.” Available for $5.29. Next up, the Encanto Cholado, available for $6.99. Here, we have crushed ice topped with sliced fruit, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut. And finally, we have the Mirabel Cinnamon Cupcake! A cinnamon cupcake filled with custard and topped with coconut buttercream, toasted coconut, and Mirabel-inspired fondant.

Personally, I think there needs to be MORE Encanto, and for much longer than 3 weeks. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

For more information about the Flower and Garden Festival, check out this, this, and of course this! Contact me today about how to book your next Walt Disney World Vacation!!

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