The Anaheim Hotel

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The Anaheim Hotel
The Anaheim Hotel

Unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland only has 3 on-site hotels. Naturally, that does not create a ton of availability for guests. Also unlike Walt Disney World, there are a TON of Good Neighbor Hotels within walking distance of Disneyland. The Anaheim Hotel is located directly across the street from Avengers Campus, at the corner of Harbor Blvd and Disney Way. It is merely a 10 minute walk to the main gate. In fact, it’s closer than the Disneyland resorts. This hotel offers plenty of basic amenities, including on-site dining, laundry, fitness facilities, and a pool.


The Anaheim Hotel - Guardians of the Galaxy

Like I said, this hotel is pretty close. In fact, there are only a handful of hotels that are closer than this one. Every morning, we could see the Avengers Campus as we set out towards the park. For the price point (depending on WHEN you’re going, it’s usually between $150/$200 per night), you won’t find much better as far as location is concerned.



The Anaheim Hotel - Pizza Press

To be honest, we never ate anything in our hotel. We were so close to Disneyland and Downtown Disney, so it was incredibly easy to just walk across the street. But the Pizza Press is right there in the hotel and it was ALWAYS busy. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the menu looked decent, but as someone with celiac, I don’t like to eat in places like this with shared kitchens. So we avoided it.

The Anaheim Hotel
The Front Room Lounge

Located just outside the Pizza Press, in the lobby, is the Front Room Lounge. Serving cocktails, beer, soft drinks, etc, as well as breakfast nibbles, this seemed a cozy option. But, again, we did not go there because HELLO! Disneyland is ACROSS THE STREET! They also offer in-room dining and poolside service, as well. I found it to have relatively decent offerings but nothing that said “I have GOT TO eat this.” If they offered free breakfast, my rating would be higher.

DINING: 6/10



Is this a 5-star resort? No. It’s a motel across the street from Disneyland. But the Anaheim Hotel does offer a decent amount of amenities for its guests. The on-site laundry, which was available 24-hours, is reasonably priced ($2.75 per wash $2.75 per dry) and clean. There is no detergent available in the laundry room but you can purchase it in the gift shop. Having said that, having the option to buy individual sizes would be nice. We had 2 loads of laundry and did not need a whole bottle of detergent.

fitness center

The Fitness Center is incredibly basic but it definitely has enough to get the job done. There is a good mixture of cardio machines, dumbbells, and free weights, as well as stability balls, pilates, and yoga. You will also find safety dividers between the machines.


The Anaheim Hotel has a BIG pool. They claim it is the largest pool in Anaheim. I don’t know if that’s true, as places like the Howard Johnson have water parks, but nevertheless it is a large pool. They have poolside movies in the summer and the pool is heated for the “cooler” seasons. Much to our surprise, there was also a hot tub, which we happily enjoyed to soothe our sore muscles from walking 10 miles a day! There are no slides or kiddie water play areas, but the large pool gives everyone room to enjoy themselves. There are also games in the area, like ping pong tables, cornhole boards, etc, and poolside food and drink service.

We had daily housekeeping, too, which was fantastic. The room was clean, the lobby area was clean, the grounds were clean, and the staff was amazing. Nothing at all like you would expect in a motel.


ROOMS – Deluxe King Room with Two King Beds

Now for the rooms. They are not fancy. If you want fancy, this is not the hotel for you. This is a motel. BUT they were clean and updated. We were in a Deluxe King Room, so we had 2 king-sized beds. The vanity area is separate from the shower and toilet, and the double sinks were very large. We had plenty of space for everyone to get ready in a timely manner and not be in each others way.

Yes, the beds were king sized. Yes, the beds were uncomfortable. Now, if you like a soft mattress, you may like them, but I need a firm mattress. The first night I didn’t sleep that well. But the rest of the week, I was so tired, I just passed right on out! If I had it to do all over again, I probably would have booked the standard 2-queen room, if only to get the balcony. It would have been nice to enjoy the GORGEOUS California weather on a balcony and/or patio off our room.

All we used our room for was bathing and sleeping. We didn’t need to do anything else, because we were there to go to Disneyland, and that was where we spent the majority of our time. This was perfect. If you are going to be in California for an extended period of time, I would consider something nicer with more amenities, like the Disneyland Hotel or the Howard Johnson Water Park. But for just going to the parks? This is perfect.

ROOMS: 7/10

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Overall, I would give this hotel an 8/10. It served the purpose that we needed it for, and didn’t give us any problems. I would definitely consider this for future Disneyland trips!

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