Beat the Heat!

How to Beat the Heat and Enjoy your Walt Disney World Vacation in the Florida Summer!

People think we’re crazy, because we go to Walt Disney World in July and/or August every year. Yes, it feels like the surface of the sun, and I have sweat through my shirt within 37 seconds after walking outside, but it’s actually less crowded than almost any other time of year. It’s still crowded, yes, but not nearly as crowded as, say, October or May. So how do we beat the heat? Here are some of our tried and true “Disney in Summer” methods to help your family beat the heat!

1. Stay Hydrated

Beat the Heat

First and foremost, you MUST stay hydrated. It is incredibly hot and the sun and heat and pavement will wipe you out quickly. Remember that you will be walking on concrete and asphalt, so when the temperature is 96 degrees at 9am, the ground is MUCH hotter. But don’t waste your money on water in the parks. You could buy a whole case of water for the price of one bottle of water in the parks. And not only that, the “cheap” bottles of water are Dasani, and Dasani adds salt to their water, which then just dehydrates you. Yes, salt is necessary for the human body, but there was one vacation where I drank Dasani and came out of it incredibly thirsty and very swollen.

Beat the Heat

The solution? Pack your own water bottles. You can fill up at the quick service refill stations in your hotel, order bottled water for your room, and get water at all quick service locations for free. If the Florida water isn’t something you like, get a water bottle with a filter (like Brita) or pack some drink flavoring. There are also water bottle filling stations at each park. PRO TIP: Pack something to flavor your water with, like koolaid mix sticks. The water can be…funky.

2. Use Cooling Towels

Beat the Heat

Cooling towels are your friend! These little beauties will lower your body temp significantly, especially if you use them on your head. We have towels that you can wrap around your head like a scarf or a headband, which are not only comfortable, but fashionable. And let me tell you, when you’re dripping with sweat, being fashionable is completely important. There are several versions of these available to purchase, but I suggest a version that folds up easily. I like things to be light, compact, and easy to carry, so that your back isn’t broken by all the stuff you lug around. Also, you don’t want to be “that guy” in the bag check line.

3. Spend More Time in the Air Conditioning

Beat the Heat
Pirates of the Caribbean

The good news is that most of the rides at Walt Disney World are inside, so maybe standing in a long line every once in a while isn’t so bad! Make sure you’re going into air conditioned spaces as much as you can during the hottest parts of the day. Spend time shopping or grabbing a snack and a seat inside. Get in that Peter Pan line that is 90 minutes and play in the most awesomest line queue there is! ESPECIALLY if there’s a storm! This is a great dry and cool place to wait out a storm!

4. Get Up Early/Stay Out Late

Are you not a morning person? Believe me, I understand, but one of the absolute best ways to beat the heat is to get up really early and head to the parks. We like to get up early, get a ton done in the parks before it gets too hot, head to brunch, then head back to the hotel to rest and/or swim, before heading back out in the evening when it starts to cool down again.

PRO TIP: plan a longer trip in summer months so that you can take advantage or more down time and more time at your resort.

5. Add Park Hopper Plus or Water Parks and Sports

Beat the Heat

Adding Water Parks and Sports to your ticket gets you into the parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Golf and/or Mini-Golf, and the Walt Disney World Water Parks. If you want to park hop, you can purchase the Park Hopper Plus and gain access to the sports and Water Parks, in addition to park hopping privileges. This is a great value and an awesome way to beat the heat!

6. Eat a LOT of Frozen Treats!

There is nothing better on a scorching hot day than some ICE CREAM! And Disney has PLENTY to offer! Read about my top Ice Cream Spots!

7. Sunscreen/Moleskin/Body Glide/Extra Deodorant

Beat the Heat

DO NOT skip sunscreen. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a vacation to get scorched on day 1 and be miserable the rest of your trip. Use it often! Pack some moleskin. You will walk A LOT at WDW. People are surprised by how much walking there is. On our last trip, I think the lowest step count was about 20K in one day. Couple that with sweat and rain and wet socks, you might come away with blisters. Moleskin will help with that and protect your feet from infection AND pain. At the very least, make sure you have bandaids!

For those of us not blessed with a thigh gap, body glide is a life saver. BONUS PRO TIP: Gold Bond powder keeps lady bits and undercarriages of all types fresh and dry. Helps with the chafing and burning. Just trust me, you’re gonna want these things! I also pack a travel deodorant in my bag. I have smelled some stuff while in the parks in summer and let me tell you, it WILL NOT be me! BONUS BONUS PRO TIP: baby wipes or deodorant wipes to wipe the sweat off of you, makes you feel refreshed and clean.

8. Catch a Show

Whatever the reason, some people just feel the need to stay in the parks open to close. A great way to beat the heat on days like this is to spend the afternoon doing all the shows and indoor attractions. The shows are air conditioned and some of them offer a great place to grab a cat nap!

Florida Summers Bring Florida Rain….

9. Pre-Purchase Ponchos. In Bulk….

Yes, they sell ponchos in the parks. Yes, they have Mickey Mouse on them. Yes, you could easily reuse them. OR you can spend the same amount of money on a box of 20 or more ponchos you can easily throw away when the rain stops as you would on one Mickey Mouse poncho.

It’s summer in Central Florida. It’s going to rain. Most times, it will pass quickly, though there are those vacations when it just rains the entire week you’re there. Instead of carrying around a wet piece of plastic, throw it away and go about your business. Much easier, much nicer. You could also purchase a small, foldable umbrella or a raincoat to use instead of a poncho (I hate ponchos so much, so I get it).

10. Waterproofing

As I said, it will rain. It may be good to invest in a waterproof backpack. If you are like me, though, and you already have 20 backpacks dedicated to Disney trips (I’m probably embellishing a bit), just stick different size ziploc bags in your suitcase and stick them in your bag. This also comes in handy for electronics when you go on water rides. Some people also pack flip flops or sandals to wear in the rain, so their shoes don’t get trashed when the parks start filling up with water. PRO TIP: pack extra socks in your bag. As Lt Dan said, you want to keep your feet dry! Whether it be rain or sweat, sometimes just changing your socks midday can vastly improve your mood and the way your feet feel!

And those are the ten best ways that I beat the heat in August in Central Florida when the air is hot and thick. PS – The crowds in August are the LOWEST crowds of the year! Contact me today to book your summer vacation!!

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