International or Domestic Travel

Determining Which Type of Travel is Best For You: International or Domestic Travel

Knowing whether to choose international or domestic travel is hard enough on its own, but COVID has made things even tougher. So which type of travel is right for you? And how do you know? Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of both International and Domestic Travel!

International Travel – Pros

International or Domestic Travel: clear glass museum during golden hour

So you want to see the world. GREAT! Me, too! But it’s not like you just wake up in the morning and think, “I’m going to go to England today.” Or maybe you do, but I certainly don’t! It will take time, money, research, and planning!

Meet Incredible People

When you travel, you will meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. These people will have different dreams, aspirations, values, experiences, stories, and more! When you travel internationally, you can meet people where you travel, and you may meet people you are indirectly traveling with, like on a group tour, for example.

Explore Somewhere New

This one is fairly obvious, but needs to be said. Your local Metroparks may have great hiking trails or nature preserves, but there is something special about, say, hiking Machu Picchu. Sometimes, you’ll visit somewhere you’ve dreamt about your whole life. And sometimes, you’ll step outside of your comfort zone and discover something new about not only the world, but also yourself!

Have an Adventure and See the World

I’ve always been a fan of adventures. The Lord of the Rings, Treasure Island, the Call of the Wild: these were some of my favorite books growing up. So why not have an adventure of your own?

See the Beauty that Lives All Over the World

Maybe you want to see the sunrise over the Mediterranean, or take an African Safari on the Serengeti. Whatever your heart’s desire, there is so much beauty in the world. Travel and see some for yourself!

International Travel – Cons

International or Domestic Travel: busy city during night time

Unfortunately, International travel is not for everyone. So let’s explore some Cons of International travel.

The Cost is HIGH

So unfortunately, traveling isn’t free. And traveling abroad is no exception. Not only do you need to pay for transportation, lodging, and food, but, depending on where you go, you may need passports and visas and inoculations, as well as these days, COVID testing. So the cost can add up quickly.

It’s Exhausting

To be sure, all travel can be exhausting. But when you’re traveling all over the world, you can encounter several different time zones in one day. So the phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation” is not all that inaccurate.

There’s Potential Danger

Yes, there’s potential danger in literally everything, but some parts of the world are just not safe. Make sure to do all the necessary research and be smart!

You Might Have to Go Home Again

And, worst of all, this “vacation” thing might end, and they will expect you to go back home one day! They won’t just let you stay indefinitely!

Here Is a Taste of Where You Can Go!

International or Domestic Travel: crowded street with cars along arc de triomphe
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International or Domestic Travel: Singapore, view of illuminated buildings at night
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photo of machu picchu
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Domestic Travel – Pros

Domestic Travel: adventure autumn california country

So what about domestic travel? There is a ton of natural beauty to see right here at home, so let’s not overlook it!

More Affordable than International Travel

Despite the price of gas, it is still more affordable to drive cross-country, exploring the National Parks, than it is to fly off to Europe. And transportation isn’t the only thing that makes domestic travel more affordable! Lodging can be cheaper, food can be cheaper, and some places, like U.S. National Parks, are low in cost, if not free, to visit.

No Cultural or Language Barriers

It’s not likely that traveling within the United States will be hindered by language or cultural barriers, which is a plus! Sometimes it’s hard to know all the etiquette and rules of a location overseas. And it’s true, we do not all speak the same language!

Easier to Plan Domestic Travel with Friends

Either traveling with friends or visiting with friends at their home, domestic travel is easier to plan with friends than International travel.

Support Local Economies and Businesses

There are so many areas in the U.S. that rely on tourist economies to survive. Domestic travel keeps that money here, bolstering the people that live in touristy areas nationwide.

See the Beauty of THIS Country

Yes, the world is beautiful, but that does not mean there isn’t a ton of beauty right here at home! The Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, there is plenty of beauty right here!

Domestic Travel – Cons

brown grass field

You take the good, you take the bad, right? So what could be bad about traveling domestically?

No New Cuisines

American food is American food, whether it is plant-based, deep fried, or raw. You won’t be getting too far out of your comfort zone by picking another big chain restaurant located in another part of the country!

No New Cultures

Just like with cuisine, you won’t be heading into new cultures inside the U.S.

It is Harder to Disconnect from Real Life

Going off the grid in International travel is much easier. You can simply just not buy an International plan from your cell phone provider. Simple as that. But here, it’s much harder to completely and totally disconnect.

Here is a Taste of Where You Can Go!

Domestic Travel: Crater Lake, Oregon
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jackson hole, wyoming
teton range and lake jackson in wyoming
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washington, D.C.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
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