Springfield at Universal Studios

An In-Depth Look at Springfield: Home of the Simpsons at Universal Studios Florida

Being the longest-running animated television series in history means that The Simpsons has generations of fans. So it’s only natural that families can head to Universal Studios Florida and enjoy Springfield: Home of the Simpsons! This is a slice of Simpsons fun sure to please everyone, from Maggie to Homer! Let’s take a closer look into Springfield!

Jebediah Obediah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield, who killed a bear with his bare hands – or not

Springfield: Rides

Springfield: Kang & Kodos Twirl & Hurl

There are 2 attractions in Springfield. I think a general rule of building an amusement park is to have some form of the Dumbo ride, so let me introduce: Kang & Kodos Twirl & Hurl. This version of the classic aerial coaster sees humans “captured” by the titular aliens. They are then forced to “attack” other Earthlings by using the flight path of their flying saucer to pass by and activate targets bearing the faces of different citizens of Springfield. Riders control how low or high they want to fly.

Springfield Simpsons the Ride

As with most rides built these days, the Simpsons Ride is a motion simulator full of screens, but still a ton of fun. Join the Simpsons as they go on a theme-park adventure to Krustyland! Sideshow Bob then shows up, bent on revenge against Bart Simpson and the rest of the family.

Sideshow Bob is Still Hunting Bart!

Take off on an through Krustyland and the rest of Springfield to escape Sideshow Bob. This is a must-do experience for fans of the show, featuring all the familiar sights and sounds, more than 24 of the regular characters, and that classic theme song.


Give Homer a hug! Character meet-and-greets take place, where you can meet the family, Krusty the Clown, and Sideshow Bob! You can also make your way to Midway Games and play traditional carnival-style games to win Simpsons-themed prizes.


Springfield Milhouse outside the Kwik-E-Mart

The main gift shop is, naturally, the Kwik-E-Mart. You can find all kinds of crazy Simpsons souvenirs here, and take your photo on the bench with none other than Milhouse!

You can also head to the Duff Kiosk, where you can grab a huge number of Duff Beer souvenirs!

Food and Beverage

And speaking of Duff Beer…head to Duff Brewery, an outdoor bar serving Duff Beer, the famed Squishee of the Kwik-E-Mart, and more. The TVs, of course, show continuous loops of the Simpsons.

Springfield Moe's Tavern

Do you wish you could grab a Duff Beer at Moe’s? Well, dreams do come true. Grab a Duff Beer (if you’re at least 21, of course), or a Flaming Moe, a non-alcoholic orange soda, made with dry ice for the flaming effect.

Springfield Lard Lad Donuts

The biggest, pinkest donuts you’ve ever had? They have those! Just head to Lard Lad’s!

Or you can head to one of six restaurants that make up Fast Food Boulevard: Lisa’s Treehouse of Horror; Luigi’s Pizza; the Frying Dutchman; Cletus’s Chicken Shack; Krusty Burger; or Flaming Moe’s.

Ready to head to Springfield (and Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park, and all the other awesome stuff at Universal Studios)? Contact me today!

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