Disney Gift Cards

Everything There Is To Know About Disney Gift Cards!

disney gift cards

The number one thing I am asked as a Travel Agent is “how can I save money on my vacation?” For Disney Destinations, that answer is easy: Disney Gift Cards! Most people have absolutely no idea how much power comes in this little plastic card.

Where Can I Buy Disney Gift Cards?

grocery store gift cards
Grocery Store Gift Card Rack

It used to be, way back in the day, the only place you could get a specific gift card was at that store, but those days are long gone. It’s entirely likely that you have Disney Gift Cards at your local grocery store, drug store, gas station, and more! You can purchase them in any amount (generally up to $500 per card) and be on your way.

You can also purchase them at some locations at a discounted price. Stores like Sam’s Club, Costco (don’t buy their vacation packages, trust me), BJs, and Target, for example, offer discounts on their gift cards. For example, with the Target RedCard, you can get 5% off gift cards, so you could get a $500 card for for $475, saving you $50 per $1,000 you buy. Let’s say you need $5,000 to pay for your vacation. That’s a savings of $250! Depending on how many are in your party, that’s a table service meal!

And finally, many grocery stores offer fuel perks when you purchase gift cards. I think EVERYONE can stand to save some money on gas these days!

Where Can I Use Disney Gift Cards? What Can I Buy With Them?

Disney Gift Cards

Ready for the BEST news? Disney Gift Cards can be used for almost EVERYTHING. Need to pay for your cruise? DONE. Need to pay your bill at Aulani? NO PROBLEM. It’s true! You can pay for all your Disney Destination vacations, including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Aulani, even Disney on Broadway!

My best advice is to plan your attack, and maybe even double your investment! Get some that come with discounts, saving money that way, and then get your fuel perks and save money on gas. The more you save outside of your vacation, the more you have to spend ON your vacation! And have all your family members get gift cards for the kids, and they will have their own spending money!

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