Pickle Corn Dog – Disneyland

The Controversial Pickle Corn Dog at Disneyland is a Surprisingly Delicious Treat!

As a company, Disney is known for outlandish, sometimes controversial, snacks, and this one is no exception. At Disneyland Resort, guests can head into Downtown Disney for the controversial Pickle Corn Dog! At the core is a hot dog, then a crunchy dill pickle. Next, it is dipped into a cornbread batter and deep fried, before being rolled in panko breadcrumbs.

THEN it is served with a bag of chips and a side of creamy peanut butter for dipping. People either love it, or they are absolutely repulsed by it. There seems to be no middle ground! Have you tried it? WOULD you try it?

Where to Find this Culinary Sorcery

pickle corn dog at disneyland
Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

This specialty snack is not available everywhere. To find it, you’ll need to head over to Downtown Disney, to Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. This snack stand is located between the Lego Store and Tortilla Jo’s. And they offer a bunch of corn dog options, in addition to the gigantic pickle corn dog!

But Really? A Pickle?

First observation, they are made fresh. You can actually watch them go through the entire process of hot dog to pickle to dipping to frying to panko. So this is definitely a one-of-a-kind Disney treat! Because of this, you may end up waiting a bit before you get your order. I ordered my nachos at Tortilla Jo’s AND finished eating them before the husband even got his order. So if you’re planning on everyone grabbing something in Downtown Disney and meeting up to eat together, I would recommend the person or people eating this head there immediately!

Second observation, it is HUGE. Therefore, it is messy, so make sure you grab a ton of napkins! It definitely will fill you up for a meal. The pickle is a slightly spicy crunch that should not work, but husband said it definitely did. His suggestion is to make sure you wait a bit before biting into it, or else you’re going to torch your mouth. And the peanut butter dipping sauce didn’t seem like it was a match, but it was a tastebud’s delight!

Food Allergies
pickle corn dog at disneyland

Unfortunately, this is not an item for people with food allergies. For this reason, the husband tried this while I went and got gluten free options from Tortilla Jo’s! There is not a dedicated fryer, the peanut butter makes peanut allergies at high risk, and the “corn” batter at Disneyland is more wheat than corn. Not to mention the buttermilk. To learn more about food allergy dining, visit this guide.

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