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Top Ten Travel Tips to Get You Ready for Your Next Vacation!

Traveling is fun, but it can also be stressful. That is, it can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. Here are my ten favorite travel tips and tricks to help you best prepare for you next vacation! How do you prepare for your vacations?!

Travel Wallet For All Your Documents
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This first travel tip is almost the most essential. It involves your travel documents. You should never put your travel documents in your checked bag. If it gets lost, you’re S.O.L. Instead, get a good wallet that is easily accessible, like this multi-purpose RFID travel wallet! I use this one, and I love it! It can hold up to 2 US passports at once, plus there is space for 8 cards. This wallet also features a pocket that will hold your boarding passes/tickets,

which is super convenient after you get through the TSA and have to quickly stuff everything in your bag before going through the scanners. BONUS: it comes in 37 colors! Another travel tip is to photocopy everything, and email yourself digital copies. But don’t pack these in your checked bag, either! Better to be safe than sorry, especially when traveling abroad.

Charge Your Electronics Before Boarding

Yes, airports are better equipped for charging devices these days, but long flights don’t always have the capabilities. This travel tip is to get a great power bank. These portable chargers come in handy for more than just travel, too! You’ll be able to easily charge your devices whenever you need it. BONUS TIP: pack dual voltage chargers, especially when traveling overseas!

Leave Shampoo and Shower Gel At Home

Most hotels these days have great amenities in the rooms. The next travel tip is to leave the giant shampoos and shower gels at home, because they will have them in the room. And I’m not talking about the teeny tiny bottles of the olden days. Now, most hotels have full size bottles in the shower stall in the room. So you can save space in your suitcase and just use what’s in the hotel! You can also leave your hairdryer, as those are pretty standard these days, too. Toiletries you’re definitely going to want to bring include toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, etc.

Use Packing Cubes
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I am recently a packing cube convert. I fully admit I never saw the point, and then I used them. Life changing. I love using these cubes, they’re amazing. I can easily pack by day and/or person. Travel tip: for multiple locations, you can pack everything in cubes so that you can easily unpack and pack as you go.

Pack Folding Pop-Up Hamper or Laundry Bag

Does your room always have dirty clothes all over it when you travel? Travel tip: pack a folding pop-up hamper or a laundry bag. This keeps your room clutter-free and you can easily carry your clothes to the laundry room. Or you can easily keep clean and dirty laundry separate in your suitcase!

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Luggage Scale
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Travel Tip: get a portable luggage scale so that you’re not hit by fees when your luggage is over the limit for your airline.

Pack Supplies to Freshen Up

Keep some wet wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and body lotion in your carry-on bag so that you can easily freshen up at the airport. Also consider packing some mints or toothpaste tabs.

Notify Your Bank and Credit Cards that You’ll Be Traveling
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Avoid having your cards frozen by letting your bank and credit card companies know that you’ll be traveling.

Leave Room For Souvenirs

Travel Tip: don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs!

Carry-On Bag
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Travel Tip: keep your travel documents, electronics, clothes for 1-2 days, electronics chargers, medications, and snacks in your carry-on bag.

What are your go-to travel tips?! Let me know! If you’re ready to book your next vacation, let’s chat!

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