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Celebrity Cruises Offer Luxury Cruises for Everyone. Here, We Take a Closer Look at the Aqua Class

Aqua Class thermal suite

Wellness is so fundamental to Celebrity Cruises, they offer Aqua Class staterooms. During your cruise, you will savor clean cuisine, including new healthy options, at your exclusive restaurant, Blu. Not to mention, staying Aqua Class will allow you to enjoy access to the SEA Thermal Suite. Additionally, you’ll enjoy spa concierge, a complimentary fitness pass, preferential rates on Aqua Class spa packages, daily in-room bottled water service, healthy room-service menu options, and a yoga mat for use on board. So relax and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

What is Aqua Class?

Aqua Class is a fully immersive, next-level wellness experience. You’ll savor clean cuisine, at an exclusive-to-Aqua Class-Guests restaurant, Blu. Your stateroom will include a state-of-the-art infinite verandah, that will bring your right up to the water’s edge. The king-sized bed is larger than most standard king-sized beds, and features Cashmere mattress bedding. Guests have access to the SEA Thermal Suite, and all 8 distinct spaces, as part of the fare. Along with complimentary fitness classes, soothing stateroom touches, like on-demand fitness classes, and personal spa concierge.

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SEA Thermal Suite

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Heated Spa Seats

Of course, all guests staying Aqua Class have access to the SEA Thermal Suite, which has 8 distinct spaces, and it is all free. This playground for the senses is an incredible place to relax before or after spa treatments. So what are the 8 distinct spaces and what do they have to offer?

Combining the elements of water and earth, the Hammam is a modern take on a traditional Turkish bath. And the Hammam is adorned in sleek, gorgeous tile mosaics. Thus, this quiet retreat invites you to loosen muscles with a body polish that leaves you glowing and relaxed. Then, there’s the Crystalarium. Here you’ll find a beautiful refuge of natural stone walls, featuring a healing amethyst crystal. The Earth emanates luminous vibrancy, and the crystal serves as a conduit for natural, healing energy.


Over in the salt room, sit down, relax, and take a deep healing breath. The elements of water, earth, and air all present in a simulated salt cave environment. While the steam room soothes the senses where water and air mingle. Head to the infrared sauna room for state-of-the-art tech. This tech heats the air to calm the body and relieve stress, releasing feel-good endorphins. Next, examine the Float room. Feel lighter than air as you swing into a meditative sleep wrapped in floating basket chairs. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer beautiful views of the sea, keeping you connected to the water.

The final two rooms in the SEA Thermal Suite are the rainfall water therapy room and the heated tile lounge chairs. The lounge chairs face panoramic views of the sea for the perfect zen zone to relax after your spa treatment. Lie down, stretch out, and let the soothing warmth radiate through your body. While in the rainfall water therapy room, experience simulated rain showers that range from warm to cool.

Spa Benefits

All guests staying Aqua Class have total access to the SEA Thermal Suite. Also, access to a dedicated Spa Concierge who will help with spa appointments and more, including unique spa treatment package discounts. Additionally, the fitness center will offer complimentary fitness classes. And, finally, all Aqua Class guests will take part in an exclusive welcome reception.

Exclusive Access to Blu

Exclusive restaurant Blu

Aqua Class guests have exclusive access to Blu. Blu has an exclusive menu that features clean, crisp flavors and inventive cuisine. And the food is boosted by an extensive list of sustainable wines. Accordingly, the food is prepared by world-class chefs, and is an imaginative experience for Aqua Class guests. Blu serves breakfast and dinner, with spa-inspired meals.

In addition to Blu, Aqua Class guests are offered an expanded room-service and breakfast menu.

Aqua Class Amenities

So not only do Aqua Class guests have exclusive access to Blu AND the SEA Thermal Suite, there’s MORE! Each stateroom will receive two bottled waters in-room daily. Additionally, two yoga mats are included as well as expanded wellness on-demand television. In-room fitness amenities are also included. Celebrity Cruises offers eco-friendly natural ingredients shower amenities and 100% cotton bathrobes, towels, and slippers. Welcome bottle of sparkling wine is included by request. Finally, complimentary umbrellas and binoculars are available by requests, as well as free shoe shine service.

aqua class suite

Aqua Class Features

celebrity aqua class bathroom
Aqua Class Bathrooms

Let’s talk about the suites. All Aqua Class Suites are close to the spa, helping that urge for healing and wellness. The Infinity Verandahs feature floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors for an infinite view of the sea. And all suites feature king-sized beds with cashmere mattresses and bedding. There is plentiful storage, as well as a spacious sitting area with a sofa. And each suite features an enhanced air filtration system.

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