Disney Gingerbread Displays 2022

Take a Closer Look at the Disney Gingerbread Displays at Both US Theme Parks

Photo: Disney

Ahh, the age old question. “Can there be Christmas without gingerbread?” In a word: absolutely NOT. Gingerbread tastes AND smells AMAZING. And it certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without these incredible Disney Gingerbread Displays! This year, gingerbread even returns to Disney’s Contemporary Resort! Not to mention the life-sized baby zebra gingerbread headed to the Jambo House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. So here is what is known about 2022!


Haunted Mansion Holiday Photo via Disney

The pastry team works more than 20 days to create this moving, 300-pound Haunted Mansion gingerbread house. And of course, it’s perfectly themed to fit right into Jack Skellington’s annual holiday takeover at the Mansion!

If you can wait until November 14 (which is, admittedly, only a week away at this point), you don’t want to miss Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. There, you’ll find the 7′ x 12′ edible replica of this gloriously grand hotel! It contains more than 600 pounds of both gingerbread and powdered sugar. Not to mention 250 pounds of fondant. And all finished up with Disney characters, including 25 Hidden Mickeys!

Photo: Disney

And what’s the holidays without some treats? These are the holiday treats you’ll be able to take with you from the GCH Holiday Cart!

  • Mickey Gingerbread
  • Poinsettia Cookie
  • Snowman Cookie
  • Christmas Cookie
  • Hannukah Cookie
  • Holiday Cookie Box
  • Rice Krispie
  • Assorted Macarons
  • Kwanzaa Sweet Potato Loaf
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Apple Cider (available with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Captain Morgan Rum, Grand Marnier, or Rumchata)
  • New Year’s Cookie
  • Waffle Shot (with milk, lowfat milk, chocolate milk, or eggnog)
  • Waffle Shot (with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Captain Morgan Rum, Grand Marnier, Rumchata, Rumple Minze, Crown Royal Apple, Skrewball Whiskey, Fireball Whiskey, or Louis the 13th)


Photo: Disney

On November 11 at 11:00 am, Disney’s Contemporary Resort will officially unveil their gingerbread display. And what a display it will be! Here, you’ll see the Mary Blair-inspired 50th Anniversary Castle! Designed by Disney Imagineers, this amazing display will be full of amazing details. INCLUDING 11 hidden five-legged goats!

Photo: Disney

But that’s not all! You’ll be able to take home limited-edition pins, mugs, and holiday ornaments. And, of COURSE, snacks and treats!

  • 50th Anniversary Gingerbread Castle Brick
  • Family Tradition Cookie Box
  • Chocolate Peppermint Cookie
  • Linzer Cookie
  • Gluten-Friendly 5-Legged Goat Sugar Cookie
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Bar
  • Hot Cocoa Bombs
  • Frozen Drinks with optional alcohol floaters:
    • Frozen Coquito with rum floater
    • Frozen hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps
    • Frozen apple cider with fireball floater
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Grand Floridian
Photo: Disney

Over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, you can visit the gingerbread house beginning November 9. You will enjoy clouds of cinnamon from the chimney of a life-size storybook gingerbread house. It will be adorned with white chocolate, candy canes, edible snowflakes, sugar poinsettias, and TWENTY-FIVE Hidden Mickeys! Plus an 85-pound chocolate Santa, nutcrackers, toy soldiers and snowmen, all hand-painted by the Grand Floridian bakers!

Photo: Disney
  • Freshly baked, homemade items, including gingerbread Mickeys, Stollen, brownie Christmas trees, and chocolate peppermint bark
  • House-made gingerbread houses and ornaments
  • gingerbread latte whoopie pie
  • assorted gingerbread cookie bags, marshmallow pops, and caramel pecan fudge bar
  • Gluten-friendly, plant-based, and no-sugar added treats
  • Grand Floridian combo box featuring assorted treats, including chocolate Mickey ornament, exclusive to the combo box

Beginning November 23, you’ll be able to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you’ll spot a life-size baby giraffe AND a brand new baby zebra!


Heading over to the EPCOT area, the American Adventure inside World Showcase will feature a gingerbread replica of the American Adventure Pavilion. Even including the Royal Eagle Smokehouse and a Festival Kiosk! But the magic doesn’t stop there!

The American Adventure will also feature gingerbread versions of American Monuments.

See a replica gingerbread Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King, JR Memorial. These displays will be available beginning November 25, in conjunction with the Festival of the Holidays.

Beach Club Resort Christmas Carousel 2021

And the gingerbread carousel has already returned to Disney’s Beach Club Resort! This life-sized carousel is celebrating Disney Princesses this year, and you’re not going to want to miss it. You’ll be able to purchase limited edition pins, mugs, holiday ornaments, and, naturally, TREATS!

  • Stollen
  • Candied Pecans
  • Trio of Fudge
  • Crispy Rice Treat
  • Chocolate-covered marshmallow snowman
  • Chocolate Mickey cookie
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Gingerbread Shingle
  • Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie (gluten-friendly)
  • Gingerbread Cookie (gluten-friendly)

Across Crescent Lake, at the Boardwalk Inn, you’ll find a replica of the Boardwalk Deli. And, you guessed it, TREATS!

  • Mickey & Minnie Sugar Cookies
  • Boardwalk Mickey Sugar Cookie
  • Giant Gingerbread Mickey cookie
  • Gluten-Friendly/Plant-Based Gingerbread Mickey Cookie
  • Artisan Peppermint Marshmallow
  • Carnival Bark
  • Gingerbread Frost Cocktail

It’s not too late to visit the theme parks for the holiday season! Act fast! Contact me today!!

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