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What is the Best Way to See Europe? By Land or Sea?

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So you’re dreaming of going to Europe but you don’t know where to start. Should you take a cruise? Go on a large group tour? A small group tour? Book a room and wing it? So many choices to make! First, you should narrow down where it is that you want to go. Then, decide HOW you want to see that place or places. Next, you should consult your favorite travel agent. THAT’S ME! There are plenty of amazing locations to see in Europe, and you probably want to see as many as you can. So do you travel by Land or Sea? Let’s examine each version more in depth!

Europe By Sea

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One of the absolute best ways to see the world is by taking a cruise. And, naturally, the best way to see Europe is by cruise. Europe by Sea is good for

newer, more inexperienced travelers, as well as travelers wishing to see more of Europe more easily. So why should you cruise? When cruising, you will pay mostly in advance. As such, little currency exchange is necessary. Additionally, you’ll only need to unpack once, while simultaneously visiting many of the most popular spots in Europe. And while you’re visiting those popular spots by sea, you can quickly enjoy many locations while considering where you would like to visit later. Then, you will have collected knowledge for planning a longer, more specific trip, either by land or sea. Finally, most of the crew will speak English and the food will be more familiar fare, pleasing even the pickiest eaters.

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There are two ways to cruise around Europe. With River Cruising, you’ll slowly tour Europe’s most famous rivers. This includes the Seine, Danube, and Rhine. This type of cruising is good for seeing the inner cities of Europe. Guests will tour during the day, then cruise at night while you sleep. And of course, there’s ocean cruising! Many major cruise lines sail around Europe, mainly in coastal regions, like the French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Greek Isle, or Norwegian Fjords.

Europe by Land

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Traversing Europe by land is best for experienced travelers. For travelers with less experience, consider taking a tour with a known tour

company. Organized tour groups are an amazing way to see Europe, but be aware of what you’re paying for. Some of the least expensive tours that seem too good to be true? Yeah, those tours tend to skirt the outskirts of cities in cheap motels in sketchy areas to save money. Conversely, the high-end tours only stay in five star resorts. A good travel agent should be able to match you up with the perfect tour for your budget and your wants and needs.

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