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Here Are My Top 5 Cruise Tips to Consider For Your Next Cruise!

I currently book 6 different cruise lines, and they are truly all different. However, there are tips that you should use regardless of which cruise line you’re going to book! Here are my Top 5 Cruise Tips!

1. Never Fly the Same Day as Your Cruise Departs

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You might think to yourself, “Self, the cruise doesn’t leave the port until 4:00pm. Go ahead and take that 9am flight that lands at 11!” In some cases, you might be right. But what happens when your flight is delayed?

Don’t take the chance. Instead, fly in at least the night before. Sure, you may have to extend your house sitter, pet sitter, etc. And yes, you’ll need to pay for a night at a hotel. But the piece of mind, knowing you’re already at your destination, is completely worth it!

2. Book Your Cruise as Early as You Possibly Can

Generally speaking, the best price on that dream cruise is available when it first goes on sale. As more people start booking cabins, the price goes up. Additionally, booking early gets you the cabin category and location that you REALLY want, not what’s left. Also, in some

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cases, you can adjust the price you’re paying if a SALE on your SAIL comes along. Especially if you have a great travel agent (more on this to come).

3. Buy Travel Insurance

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As is the case with all insurance, it’s a waste until you need it. DID YOU KNOW: Insurance covers trip interruption, cancellations, and unforeseen

circumstances. Not to mention assistance if you get sick or hurt in a foreign country. In most cases, the insurance will cost you less than your drink package, so just get the safety net!

4. Research Ports in Advance

Some excursions are amazing. Some…are not. Once you book your cruise, start checking out each port of call. Not only can you learn what’s

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worth the money, you can learn more about where you’re going. Need tips? (See next)

5. Use a Travel Agent

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You don’t need a travel agent to book a cruise. Anyone can do that. A travel agent’s value comes in the form of saving you time and money. As well as being a direct contact for communication, getting the same person every time. Alternatively, you could spend your own time on hold, playing

call center roulette. In some cases, a travel agent can get you a group rate or a discount not available to the general public. Oh, and whether you use a travel agent or not, you’re already paying for one. Their commission comes directly from the supplier, based on the fare you book. They’re already built into the price. May as well get some free, expert advice!

Currently booking for Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages, Princess Cruises, and Carnival Cruise Line. If you’re interested in cruising, contact me today!!

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