Yellowstone & Grand Teton

The United States is full of natural beauty, and our National Parks are no exception. Perhaps you’ve joined the many people who’ve added “visit the national parks” to their bucket list! Or maybe you’re just seeing this and you’re thinking “hmmm, this does seem interesting.” Visiting Montana and Wyoming is a great way to tour both Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks.

land or sea europe

Land or Sea – How to See Europe

So you’re dreaming of going to Europe but you don’t know where to start. Should you take a cruise? Go on a large group tour? A small group tour? Book a room and wing it? So many choices to make! First, you should narrow down where it is that you want to go. Then, decide HOW you want to see that place or places. Next, you should consult your favorite travel agent. THAT’S ME!

Northwest Passage – A Voyage from Greenland to Alaska

If you have ever dreamed of exploring the Arctic, this trip is for you! This expedition cruise will have you exploring the Northwest Passage over 22 days, aboard the National Geographic Resolution. Travelers will sail to the northernmost coastlines of the planet, which few have explored! Venture into the Northwest Passage and hear dramatic stories of the explorers and adventurers who sought this magnificent, icy frontier!