Disney Theme Parks

In the United States, there are two Disney Theme Parks, one in California and one in Florida. And then there is Disneyland Paris. (There are also two Chinese Parks and one Japanese Park.) Each Theme Park features its own brand of magic, and you’ve got to experience them for yourselves to believe it!

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Disney Theme Parks - Disneyland


3 Resort hotels, 2 theme parks, Downtown Disney, Good Neighbor Hotels, and Walk Where Walt Walked! This is the OG Disney Park, and is the only one in the whole world that Walt Disney ever walked in. The parks, Disneyland Park and California Adventure, are steps apart, which add their own special version of magic.

Disney Theme Parks - Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

25+ Resort hotels, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, Disney Springs, and MORE! This is the biggest of the Disney Theme Parks (bigger than San Francisco and twice the size of Manhattan) and is not just a vacation, it’s an EXPERIENCE. Unlike Disneyland, where you can easily experience everything in 2-3 days max, you will want to make every effort to spend 4-7 days at Walt Disney World!

Disney Theme Parks - Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris had a rocky start, but it’s thriving now, and celebrating 30 years! There are 2 parks, 7 hotels, and a shopping district here. You get the magic of Disney AND Paris! And coming Summer 2022: Avengers Campus! Check here for more information about Disneyland Paris.

Services Available when Traveling to Disney Theme Parks

  • Reservations, including but not limited to: room, parks, dining, special activities, and more!
  • Personalized planning
  • 100% FREE Concierge-Level services and knowledge
  • Transportation options to and from airport will be presented
  • Assistance with special needs and special diets
  • Able to reserve strollers, wheelchairs, and ECV prior to your arrival
  • Can rent a car, if desired
  • Instead of playing call center roulette, you can contact me any time you need something and I will advocate for your wants and needs
  • Tips and Tricks based on your family’s preferences
  • AND MORE!!
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