Pleasant Holidays

Pleasant Holidays - Tahiti

If you are looking to vacation to ANY other destination, I can most likely help you! Pleasant Holidays offers Travel Destinations all over the world!


Pleasant Holidays - Tahiti

Are you curious? I thought so. Destinations include Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Europe, South and Central America, and more. Also included, various sites within the United States. These include places like Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, New York, various National Parks, and more! Enjoy vacations like Puerto Rico and Tahiti. Even just added pre or post-cruise accommodations are available. Consider me your one-stop shop!

Services Included in Pleasant Holidays:

  • Free vacation planning services
  • Assistance with excursion planning, if needed
  • Help with special diets and special needs
  • Aiding with flights and pre/post trip hotels, as needed
  • Able to rent a car, if desired
  • Instead of playing call center roulette, you can contact me any time you need something and I will advocate for your wants and needs
  • Tips and Tricks based on your family’s preferences
  • AND MORE!!
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