How To Navigate Disney World With a Large Group

So you’re taking a group trip to Walt Disney World. Maybe it’s your whole family, or your best friends, or maybe you just have more than 2.2 kids. Whatever the scenario, I’ve got your back! Our HappyThankgivingmas trip in 2022 included 3 families and, at one point, 12 people, and we had an amazing time. So here are my tips to help you learn how to navigate Disney World with a large group!

Disney Wish Rotational Dining – 1923

For Disney Wish Rotational Dining, you’ll dine at Arendelle, Worlds of Marvel, and 1923. Let’s take a deeper dive into what was my personal favorite dining experience, 1923. Named after the year the Walt Disney Company was founded, this feast for the eyes harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood. There are 2 rooms, Roy Disney and Walt Disney, and this creates smaller, more intimate setting.

Snacks of the Magic Kingdom

Food is a big part of vacation, and that includes SNACKS! Disney has some of the best snacks in the travel world, and some of them have incredible cult followings. Let’s take a deep dive into the best snacks of the Magic Kingdom! And, as I am someone that lives with food allergies, I have included many food allergy options!