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Land or Sea – How to See Europe

So youโ€™re dreaming of going to Europe but you donโ€™t know where to start. Should you take a cruise? Go on a large group tour? A small group tour? Book a room and wing it? So many choices to make! First, you should narrow down where it is that you want to go. Then, decide HOW you want to see that place or places. Next, you should consult your favorite travel agent. THATโ€™S ME!

Perfect Day at Coco Cay

What the heck is Coco Cay? That’s a great question, I would love to tell you about it (copyright Elyse Myers). Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Caribbean, and you will have a Perfect Day at Coco Cay! When you are on the island, you are only there with the guests from Royal Caribbean. And there is absolutely something for EVERYONE!